Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy 34 Month Birthday, Christian

July 13, 2013

Happy Thirty-Four Month Birthday!

Thirty-four month statistics: Weight: 36.2 lbs.  Length: 36.5 inches.  Diaper Size:6 Clothes: 2T-3T.

Summer is finally here! Warm, humid days are upon us and we are just home from our annual beach vacation to Bethany. You loved the kayak this year! Last year you cried, but this year you enjoyed the ride. We took the kayaks to a place called Strawberry Landing, about an hour or so from the house. We stopped and had snacks, and then paddled home. You were great. You loved looking at the jelly fish and birds. Your other favorite part of the beach vacation was…. No, not the ocean, but Funland!

Funland is a little amusement center in Rehoboth Beach. It’s filled with all sorts of rides that are just the right size for you. You rode the boats. The little airplanes (which Mason also loves). The two of you went round and round in the planes holding the guns and making little “pew-pew” sounds. You also loved the fast cars this year. We went on them together and you even held your hands up in the air when we went really fast. A boy after my own heart for sure. Maybe we’ll try a roller coaster next year!!

In May and June we took a mommy and me class called Zumbini. My Zumba instructor taught the class and it was tons of fun. It was nice to do something special just the two of us together while Mason was at school. We danced and sang songs. You loved the train song – of course. You also enjoyed playing with the instruments. Abigail Pepper, your partner in all things was in the class as well.

Just about every week we make a visit to Abigail’s house, or she comes to our house. She brings her baby brother, Henry and her mama with her. You love to visit her house so you can sit at her kitchen table and eat her special gluten free pretzels. I just mention that we are going to her house and you say, “I go Abba’s and eat pretzel in kitchen.” Adorable you are!

We’ve also been camping three times since spring. Once we went with the Cub Scouts on the Spring Family Camp-out. This year we went to Camp Snyder. We had a great time during the day, but oh boy was it super cold at night. It dipped down to just below 40 degrees and we were freezing. We brought hats and layers to wear thank goodness. You cried every night and ended up sleeping with me inside my sleeping bag which helped us both stay warm.

Our second camping trip was over Memorial Weekend. We went to Bear Creek Lake with our friends the Faists. You had a great time playing with their kids: Jerry, Katie, Caroline and Charlie. We had a fiasco for dinner on Friday night because of all the rain the days before we got there, but we rallied and everyone enjoyed a bowl of Cheerios for dinner. That’s just the way you roll sometimes when camping.

The third camping trip was the Saint Matthew’s Family Campout at Mathew’s Arm in Shenandoah. Nana came with us this time as well as the Buckingham’s and Emch’s. What a fun weekend. The weather was about the best we have ever had for camping. 80 during the day and 65 at night. Everyone slept well and we took a nice hike during the day. You didn’t want to walk much so thank goodness dad was along to carry you. If you are wondering what this is like I suggest you try carrying 37 pounds on your shoulders for a two mile walk. A wiggling, giggling, leaning, sometimes complaining 37 pounds mind you.

You are still funny about food. You will drink the green smoothies I make for breakfast and you love the carrot pineapple salad I make, but other than that you pretty much won’t eat any veggies. Most nights you still don’t eat any dinner. I just tell myself that you’ll eat when you are hungry. Sometimes Grandma will get you to eat some dinner or veggies. Maybe she bribes you with trains or puzzles….

Speaking of puzzles and trains – they are your favorite toys. I’m amazed at how good you are at putting puzzles together. You have a big Thomas puzzle and a farm puzzle that you can put together all by yourself. It’s so cool.

Over the past few months, your vocabulary has truly blossomed. Gone is our little two year who only had 25 words or so. You are speaking in sentences. You are signing the ABC’s. Of course your brother loves to teach you alternate words and you currently love to sing, “Now I know my A, B, Poop. Next time won’t you poop with me.” Ugh – if only you’d actually poop on command on the toilet. I wouldn’t care what you sing. I try not to laugh so you don’t think I’m encouraging you, but it is darn funny.

Speaking of funny things, at the beach Mason got a whoopie cushion. The two of you loved that thing until it popped. You still run around saying, “Who farted?” It drives Nana nuts, but dad and Mason and I think it’s funny.

Tonight when I put you to bed I was reminded of just how sweet and adorable you are. After reading books (Bus Stop, Bus Go and Firebears) we turned off the light and turned on your CD player to listen to the Justin Roberts lullabys. We said prayers and you asked for a bedtime story with Campbell, Abba and Betsy at Funland. We told a fun story of the four of you riding rides and eating ice cream. I put you in your crib and laid on the floor for a few minutes. My favorite part is when you stuck your little hand out of the crib bars and said, “Hold hand, mama.” It’s a totally awkward angle and my arm always falls asleep but I just can’t stop. I love holding your sweet little hand while you fall asleep.

Good night my sweet boy. May you have sweet dreams and a fun day tomorrow.

I love you.
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