Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday

September 13, 2012

Happy Twenty-Four month birthday!

Twenty-four month statistics: Weight: 33 lbs. (92%)  Length: 34 inches. (36%) Head circumference 20 inches (92%) Diaper Size:6 Clothes: 24 months – 2T.

The word of the month is BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful birthday you had. It is so lovely that your birthday falls right as the weather is beginning to change so we decided to go camping and see your very favorite thing – trains! We camped for two nights and enjoyed a Day Out with Thomas at the Strasburg Railroad.  It was a nice campground located right in Amish country. We could hear the clip clop of the horses as the buggies passed during the day. The nights were a little chilly, but you slept well in your little tent. Nana even went with us! On Saturday we rode the Thomas train and had a great time seeing the beautiful countryside. For your birthday you received a train puzzle and train carrier (are you sensing a theme here) and a train bathtub toy. You also received great books from your Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

Before your birthday, we ended August with getting brother prepped for school to begin. You love seeing your brother off to the bus in the morning as he goes off to first grade. You say, “foo foo bus.”

Mid-August we had a fun morning at the Clarke County Fair. We saw horses, goats, sheep, cows, chickens, rabbits and more. I especially enjoyed the hen house where we got to watch baby chicks hatch in incubators. The fair had carnival rides, but we got there too early. Next year we’ll go again and stay later to try the rides. Something tells me you would have enjoyed them.

Wow, now that I think about it, August was a pretty busy month. When we got home from the beach we adopted a dog! Curly, the grey/black labradoodle came into our lives. You two are so sweet on each other. You love to run and chase her around the house. Of course she is at least ten times faster than you and a head taller, but one day you’ll catch her.

In September you started a little class called Bridge to Discovery. It is a pre-preschool class that is held at our church. There are ten children and caregivers and you have so much fun. You enjoy playing Little People and parachute and you LOVE to dance. Once in awhile you enjoy a craft or playing with the manipulatives. Mrs. O’Rouke is your teacher and she was Mason’s first teacher as well. She took  a few years off and this is her first year back. She recognized you as Mason’s brother right away.

You are your brother are so similar in many ways, like looks (minus the hair color), but you have such different personalities. Where Mason is shy,  you are outgoing.  Mason loved fire trucks and you love trains. At night when we say grace and each of us takes a turn saying something we are thankful for you always say trains. You also love to hold hands and say amen. Oftentimes in the middle of dinner you’ll want to hold hands again and offer a few extra amens. It’s very sweet!

Physically and verbally you have changed so much recently. To think that six months ago you didn’t even have ten words and now you say phrases like, “mama go, no bark puppy woof, more trains!” We just love listening to your cute expressions.  In the past six months you also grew two inches, bringing you up to 34 inches. If the old adage is correct that means you’ll top out at a fairly short 5’8. With a six foot tall dad, that seems to be on the short side. Maybe that will adjust a bit due to the preemie thing. In addition to growing taller, you are also improving in fine and gross motor skills. You love to play Legos with your brother and you enjoy playing catch and trying to hit a ball. Perhaps you’ll be the sportsman in the family.

Well little one, fall is upon us and we have many fun adventures ahead of us.

I love you my little sweetness.
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