Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy 23 Month Birthday to Christian

August 13, 2012

Dear Christian,

Happy Twenty-Three month birthday!

Twenty-one month statistics: Weight: 32.4 lbs Length: TBD inches. Diaper Size:6 Clothes: 24 months – 2T.

The word of the month is SHOES! Boy do you love your shoes. They are the first thing you ask for when you wake up each morning and you can’t stand to be without them.  When we went to the beach on vacation you wore your shoes in the sand and the water and never took them off. You get upset when we try to take them off you, or if we don’t put them on fast enough in the morning.

Speaking of the beach, we had a fabulous time at Bethany Beach last week. What a wonderful week! We had beautiful weather, lovely surf and stayed in a fabulous home. The house we rented was on the other side of Route 1 – away from the beach side. I suppose that’s why we could afford it. It backed up to a canal and included two kayaks. We had so much fun on the kayaks that we ended up renting a two seat kayak. The two seat kayak even included a little baby seat for you. Unfortunately, you didn’t love the kayak. I think the salt water dripped in your eyes. You did love playing in the sand on the days we went to the beach. We brough a little mini-pool and filled that with water from the ocean. You loved to splash and play!

Your vocabulary has continued to explode! I love hearing the new words you have learned. You have started calling yourself Mo Mo, which is our nickname for you. For the past few months you have called both nana and grandma, nana. Yesterday for the first time I heard you say something that sounded like Grandma. Other words: BeeBot (for robot, R2D2),

You continue to be a super picky eater. In fact, the past few nights, you’ve refused dinner altogether. When you refuse dinner, we don’t make you an alternate meal or give you just bread or something sweet like applesauce. We figure you’d eat if you were really hungry, and you don’t seem to be starving yourself. Like so many things, I hope we are doing the right thing. You have been enjoying sharing my morning green smoothie with me. It includes spinach, kale, grapes, apples and a banana.               

We missed our August camping trip due to bad weather, but we made a trip to the Leesburg Aquatic Center instead. You were awesome on the baby water slide. You have no fear!! It was awesome to see you race down the slide and then run around to get in line to go again. I love it! I can’t wait until we can ride coasters together!!

Thanks for a great month little one.

Much love,
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