Monday, August 13, 2012

Christian Turns 22 Months

July 13, 2012

Dear Christian,

Happy Twenty-Two month birthday!

Twenty-one month statistics: Weight: 33 lbs???? Length: TBD inches. Diaper Size:6 Clothes: 24 months – 2T.

The word of the month is actually a phrase – I do it! Your first sentence and oh so indicative of your little personality. I do it – I do it – I do it. You want to hold the spoon, and play with the trains and all in your own time. Other fun new words: Mine, shirt, pants, shoes, happy and the best – foo foo. You have adopted your brother’s nickname even though we tried valiantly to urge you to call him brother or even Mason. You adorably point out things that belong to him and say, “foo foo”. When he is gone to camp you wander aroudn the house searching for him and calling his name.

This past month you have been napping better. One and half hours is now the new normal, although you stil have days every now again where you simply don’t nap at all. Perhaps you are channeling your inner Abigail on these no nap days. Abigail is the second daughter of your amazing godparents, Matthew and Becca Pepper. We spend a good deal of time with them, and it is adorable to watch you and Abigail play around each other. Abigail has already given up her nap and I pray each day that you keep yours as long as possible. (Sorry Becca!)

You are learning new words so quickly now! You can point to your hair, teeth, chin, ears, nose, belly and your absolute favorite, your toes. You love to wear shoes and start asking for shoes and even signing shoes as soon as you wake in the morning. You still call most fruits apples, no matter how many times we say melon or berries.

Speaking of food you continue to love lots of fruits. Oddly enough though, not all fruits. You turned your nose up at a peach the other day. I mean really, who doesn’t love fresh peaches in the summer time? You are one weird kid. You have also refused cantelope, but love watermelon and eat it until the juice runs down your face and you are covered in it. Veggies are an entirely different story. Grrr…. What’s a mama to do to get you to eat a vegetable???!!! Thankfully you love my pizza casserole and I hide mushrooms and shredded zucchini in there, but you have to eat veggies more than once a week. We have also discovered that you love ketchup! Just like your dad in that way. You actually stick your fingers in it and lap it up. I will admit I have given you ketchup to dip in broccoli. You know what you do? Leave the broccoli and dip your fingers in the ketchup. Ugh!

You have also started saying what sounds like Poo Potty. When you pass gas you say “poo potty” and also sometimes when you have gone potty in your diaper. On occasion you even run into the bathroom saying it. It is a regular thing, but I’m hopeful that this bodes well for potty training in a few months.

The last weekend in June we went camping at Big Bear Lake in West Virginia. The forecast called for 89 degrees and a chance of an isolated thunderstorm. That chance of a storm turned into one of the most severe storms the East Coast has seen in decades! Friday night our tent was pummeled with about 3.5 hours of rain, and we ended up sleeping with about 4+ inches of rain inside our tent! Luckily, we brought a little baby tent for you and placed it on top of a blow up air mattresss. At one point during the night, you rolled and almost came off the mattress. I was so worried that you would get wet so I just leaned into the water and used my arm to prop up the little baby tent. My arm fell asleep, but I was glad you got a good night’s sleep.  The thunder and lightening that night seemed to startle you, but you were so tired that once you fell asleep that was it for the night.

On Saturday, the clouds and storm were all gone and we enjoyed the rest of the weekend. We swam in the lake and had a great time with our friends – the Faist family – who joined us. Our campsite didn’t have a lot of grass, but you loved sitting in the gravel and moving small rocks from one bucket to another. Overall, a fun time and certainly a great story.

Right now we have two more camping trips planned before we give it up for the season. I should have more to write about next month, but let’s hope for cool temps and no rain!

Last thing before I sign off is your sweet bedtime chatterings. When we put you to bed at night, right before you fall asleep you whisper, “Ah, foo foo, dada, foo foo…. Ah, nana, mama” or some combination of all the people who love you. I like to pretend you are saying your prayers in your own way, asking God to watch over each of us during the night. I can’t wait to see your little smiling face each morning – of course asking for your shoes at first day break.

Love you little whispering one,
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