Tuesday, May 22, 2012

20 Month Birthday

May 13, 2012 Dear Christian, Happy Twenty-month birthday! Twenty month statistics: Weight: 31lbs Length: TBD inches. Diaper Size:5-6 Clothes: 24 months – 2T.

The word of the month is MONEY! One of your favorite pasttimes is playing with grandma downstairs in her room. She has lots of little sewing notions for you to play with, but your favorite is a little box of buttons. For some reason you call the buttons Money. In fact, you call all buttons money. It is adorable to hear you chant Money, Money, Money at grandma when she comes upstairs for dinner. She has a chair in her room that you love to sit in and play with your money.

This past month you continue to love most fruits and turn your nose up at vegatables and sometimes all of your dinner. You have eaten a few carrots on occasion, and sometimes dinner holds absolutely no interest for you whatsoever so you simply don’t partake. You generally like to have some of my green smoothie in the morning with your breakfast. Your typical breakfast consists of some smoothie, milk, and either a waffle, french toast or bowl of oatmeal. You also like plain yogurt and applesauce, just like your brother. The tough part about the appleasuace and oatmeal is that you only want to feed yourself. As you can imagine this makes quite the mess.

Last month I wrote about you sitting on the potty and going pee. We continue to put you on the toilet before bathtime and about once a week you go potty. A week or so ago, I placed you on the toilet and turned around (just for one second) to turn on the bath water. BOOM! Down you went, head first onto the tile floor. Ugh! I felt like the worst mom in the world. When you read this letter when you’re 30 do me a favor and tell me you don’t remember that fall and it didn’t permanently scar you in any way. Okay? Thanks!

The past few weeks we have been taking a Baby Signs class on Wednesday mornings. It is so much fun. You have learned a ton of new signs and you love to play with the other children. Your signs now include: dog, bird, fish, blanket, bubble, book, more, eat, all done, berries, one, horse and sometimes thank you. You also seem to recognize a bunch of other signs so I assume they will be forthcoming. Some new words also include: bus, choo-choo, wall, tweet, neigh, out, and shoes.

I mentioned above, but will give you a little more detail here that you have been growing this past month. Some of your 24 month clothes are a little tight in the belly so we have moved up to 2T shorts. We are also starting the transition to size six diapers. As a point of reference, we pay between $.22 - $.27/diaper and you go through between 5 – 8 diapers per day.

The teeth that I mentioned last month are all in now. I don’t know exactly how many teeth you have, but all the front ones are in and you can chew like a champ. You are also sleeping better. I hate to even type that for fear or jinxing myself. The past couple weeks you have been taking fairly reliable 1 – 2 hour naps every afternoon. I just know that tomorrow will be back to 27 minutes because I put that out there.

Hard to believe it is looking toward the end of May. You have been enjoying brother’s t-ball games because you love to run around and be outside. We always come home with dusty knees and mulch on your bum and dirty fingernails. Yes, we always have a good time!

I’m looking forward to a fabulous summer. I hope you love the beach in August as much as I do.

Love you little tiny one, Mama

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