Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 19 Month Birthday!

Dear Christian,

Happy nineteen-month birthday!

Nineteen month statistics: Weight: 29lbs Length: TBD inches. Diaper Size:5 Clothes: 24 months.

Ugh. I’m embarrased to say that three months have passed since I have written you a letter. Please forgive me sweet boy! I did take pictures. So much has been going on, and I’m sorry that your letters weren’t completed.

The word(s) of the month(s) are WALKING, BUBBLE, and TALKING. You took your first steps just a few days before your 17 months birthday, and by 18 months you were really moving around. Now, at 19 months you are scampering here and there and everywhere. In fact, you crawled for a few seconds the other day and I thought how odd it looked since walk and run everywhere now. Just like your brother, I love to see you run and take wide corners. You still fall as you seem to magically trip over your own feet. You smile and giggle when you get going at a good pace!

When we went to the doctor for your 18 month appointment, you only had about 12 words. This was a minor cause for concern, and she asked me to bring you back if you didn’t have 20 words by 20 months. Well, no problem with that. Here are a few of the words you are saying: mama, dada, nana, ball, shoes, hat, cheese, no, mine, up (your first word), out, bubble, baaa, Something that sounds sort of like brother, hat, and a couple others.

In addition to the words you can say, you understand many more. You still know and use many signs, which is awesome. You are also learning to point out body parts like: head, teeth, eyes, ears, belly, fingers, toes. I think fingers is my favorite because you hold out your little hands and wiggle your fingers.

Last month, you discovered bubbles and a true love affair began. I blame it on the unusually beautiful March weather that we were able to go outside and blow bubbles in early March. Every since you stand at the back door, with your little face pressed up against the glass, saying bubble, bubble, bubble. Recently, you’ve added out. “Bubble, bubble, out, bubble, out, out, out, bubble.” Sometimes when you wake in the morning and talk to yourself in your crib I can hear you say, “Mama, dada, nana, bubble, out. Dada, bubble, out, bubble, out.” Adorable!

Given your love of bubbles, we spend a good deal of time outside. You love your swing in the backyard and we’ve been on lots of walks around the neighborhood. You enjoy playing with your brother’s soccer ball in the front yard and we even moved the small cube slide into the yard so you can play. You love to be outside! It is often a very sad time when we have to come in for the day.

Just like at 16 months, you are still taking one nap per day – generally around noon or 1pm. Today was one of those days when you only slept for 27 minutes. Grrrrrr….. Why do you do that? I wish I knew. You generally wake up around 6:30am and are asleep by 8pm. We’ve had a few tough nights the past couple of weeks, but you have three new teeth coming in.

In January I registered us for a Baby Sign Language course, but it was cancelled. I re-registered for another class that begins this week. Let’s cross our fingers that this class is able to run. If this doesn’t work out, I’ll have to look at Story Time at the library again. It has been awhile since we did that class, and I’m sure with your love of books you would enjoy it.

When we go for car rides, you love to read books, play on your laptop and draw. It is amazing to me how much you already love to hold pens and crayons and try to color of draw things. Ms. Lali is constantly sending you home with little papers that you have scribbled on. I suppose coloring is one of many ways that your fine motor skills are really developing. You also love to stack blocks or any kind of toy, and you enjoy moving things from one bucket to another. One day you snuck into Grandma’s room and found a little tiny box of buttons. You love that box of buttons. I think you could sit for 30 minutes just taking the buttons out and putting them back in again. Oddly enough, you don’t try to eat them, which is pretty rare at your age.

Speaking of rare for your age, you have now gone pee pee on the potty several times. We try to put you on the potty before tub time. We were pleasantly surprised (shocked really) when you actually went potty! Hooray! You really do love the toilet. We have to keep the bathroom doors closed for fear that you will go toilet diving. As I type, your dad is downstairs putting the toilet back together. Looks like you put Nana’s pink comb down the toilet. Ick! Try to stay out of the toilets would you please!

April 13, 2012
One of my favorite times of day is first thing in the morning. I simply love listening to you in your crib chatting away. Nothing makes snese, but I love to hear you babble about bubbles and mama and dada and whatever else you have on yoru mind. When I go in to get you out of bed you love to flop around in your crib and hide under your blanket. I sit on the floor and we play peek-a-boo and play with your little stuffed animals. Sometimes we read a book or two before getting up for the day. This time of day is always fun and you are almost always happy.

Well, my little guy, this letter went a little longer than I planned, but I just had a lot to tell you about. I can’t wait to see what the next month holds.

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