Monday, January 23, 2012

Christian's 16-Month Birthday

January 13, 2011

Dear Christian,

Happy sixteen-month birthday!

Sixteen month statistics: Weight: TBD Length: TBD inches. Diaper Size:5 Clothes: 24 months.

The word of the month is SIGNS. You are a little signing madman. We don’t always know exactly what you mean, but signs for more, please and up we see every couple of minutes. You also know pig and elephant. You do something for cat that looks nothing like the actual sign for cat, but you do it very regularly whenever we read a book about cats.

Speaking of books, boy do you love books. At night time I can ask if you are ready to upstairs and read books and you drop whatever you are doing and run for the stairs. Well, not running exactly, but quickly crawl to the stairs. You have taken about four little unassisted steps, so I imagine next month the word of the month maybe walking. Back to books though. You love to read books, but you are very specific. You adore the Usborne “That’s Not My….” Books. You also like I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Maisy, and the Baby Signs Books. You get quite upset with me when I try to read a new book. You actually shove it out of the way and screech until I find one of the approved books.

This past month you have been taking pretty regular naps around noon or 1pm each day. They typically last about an hour, but at least once a week the nap only lasts about 30 minutes. This is frustrating for me, but you have been sleeping better at night the past two weeks so I’ll take what I can get.

You love to be where your brother is. You want to play Legos with him, you want to knock down anything he builds, and you just want to be in on the action. Your brother doesn’t always take too kindly to you playing with his Legos, but in general he is very sweet to you. You have just recently started defending yourself a bit with random shoves. We are now practicing being gentle with each other.

Your eating habits are so different from your brother’s. You love fruit, but I don’t think you ever eat a vegetable willingly. I try to hide veggies in your food whenever I am able, but I worry that you are getting enough. Thank goodness you enjoy fruit, and you are always excited to sign more and please whenever a blueberry, raspeberry or banana comes into your view.

To wrap up this month’s letter I just have to talk for a minute about your sweetness. You have that adorable little baby giggle that makes this mama’s heart beat fast. You love to stand in the tub and bend over to look “up” into the water spout – and I’m always oh so tempted to randomly turn the water on you. I haven’t and think I’ll wait until your big brother figures out how much fun that would be. You love to stick out your tongue and raise your arms up in the air just waiting for someone to pick you up. While sometimes I think I just can’t possibly carry you for one more minute of the day, I do love just how sweet it is to have you at my feet, little arms stretched high into the air, just begging to be held. You have also gotten into the habit of clutching the top of my shirt in your little hand when you fall asleep at nap or bedtime. I love to rock with you and stare at your little hands while you are snuggled up in your baby bag.

I love you little one.
Happy 16 month birthday.


P.S. This month’s picture is you happily playing on the floor of the pantry. You love to root around and see what you can find to occupy your time.
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