Monday, January 23, 2012

Christian's 15-Month Birthday

December 13, 2011

Dear Christian,

Happy fifteen-month birthday!

Fifteen month statistics: Weight: 27lbs. 12 oz. Length: 31.75 inches. Head circumference 19.5 in. Diaper Size:5 Clothes: 18-24 months.

You may have noticed that I was completely fail last month at writing a letter. Sorry about that.

The word of the month is MIMIC. You have picked up some of the sweetest little mimics. You pretend to sneeze by going Ah… Ah… Ah… Ah – choo! Then you laugh and clap for yourself. You also do things like smacking your lips, blowing raspberries, blowing kisses, and waving good-bye.

Dad is still calling you Scooter because of your cute little scoot-crawl that you do. You are cruising around the furniture and will walk a few steps when holding our hands. The pediatrician was minorly concernced that you aren’t yet walking, but given your early birthdate she said she wouldn’t have any real concerns for awhile.

For Halloween you dressed up as Ming-Ming, the duck from a cute little show called Wonder Pets. You basically wore a duck costume and then grandma made you a green cape to wear. It was adorable. You had lots of fun answering the door the nana and handing our treats.

In early November, we went to the Annual Parish Retreat at Shrine Mont with our St. Matthew’s friends. We had such a nice weekend. You didn’t sleep well at all, but the days were beautiful and filled with relaxing with great friends.

You had a couple of weeks of good sleeping at night, followed by a few horrible weeks. In November you contracted hand, foot and mouth disease. It looked like you had chicken pox, as you were covered with little sores all over your skin, including on yoru fingers and your down your throat. It was nasty business. Oh, and that was followed up by an ear infection. Kind I mention this was a fun couple of weeks? Not really!

Once you got over your assorted illnesses and we put a space heater in your room you started sleeping a little better. We have had a few tough nights, but we’ve had some good ones too. Napping during the day hasn’t been great. You’ve been sleeping about 20 minutes and then crying. Sometimes you fall back asleep, and sometimes you don’t. Not an easy road for me, but I’m happy to have you sleeping at night.

In addition to sleeping a bit better, you are also eating a better. Still picky, but showing improvement. I’m finding a few things you like: Chicken with Vodka Blush Sauce for instance. I’m even able to hide an occasional vegetable in there.

As Christmas approaches you are loving the holiday decorations. Just like your brother, you love the jingle pals from Hallmark. They sit on the floor under the Christmas tree and you love to press the little button to make them sing. When the dog sings and shakes you make the sing for dog. You are adorable when you pat your little leg. Some other signs you know include: hat, airplane, and more.

I’m so looking forward to your second Christmas. I know you wont remember it, but I’m sure looking forward to seeing you with the wrapping paper and lights on Christmas morning.

Love you sweet little one.

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