Monday, January 23, 2012

Christian's 1 Year Birthday

September 13, 2011

Dear Christian,

Happy one-year birthday!

Twelve month statistics: Weight: 23lbs. 4 oz. Length: 29 inches. Head Circumference: 19 inches. Diaper Size:4 Clothes: 12 - 18 months. That is 58th percentile for weight, 23rd percentile for height, and 97th percentile for head circumference.

The word of the month is TEETH. In your last letter I wrote about your third tooth coming in. This past month you have sprouted four new teeth – all on the top. There has been some serious fussiness associated with this, but what can we expect when you get four teeth within about a weeks time.

Since we returned from the lake house in August, you are basically napping once a day. You are still very tired in the morning around 11am, but if I can keep you up until 1pm you take a two-hour nap in the afternoon. I use this time to pick up the house, prep dinner, eat my own lunch and get work done.

Speaking of work, I was just offered a teaching job with Art Institute of Philadelphia in their online division. This is a job I have been wanting since 2008 when I first applied. Last year, right before you were born, they invited me to take a training course they offer. I thought I best to wait until after you were born. I’m sure glad I did that considering you were born about a week after the offer was made. A week or so ago, they not only offered me the training class, but also my own class to teach starting September 26th. I’m excited to teach my first class for them.

You continue to eat a wide variety of foods, but you sure are a picky little eater! When I offer you something you don’t want to eat you purse your lips together and shake your head at me. It would be adorable if it wasn’t so incredibly frustrating! You have started to like foods that you can feed yourself better than anything I can put on a spoon. Of course this makes for crazy messes! Your dad is out of town for work and we made him a little video of you covered in dinner. For the record, roasted chicken with bowtie noodles in vodka blush sauce is one of your very favorite dinners. In addition to pursing your lips at me, you also like to hide food behind your back when you don’t want to eat it. For some reason you think I won’t notice, but you should see how dirty your clothes are getting.

At your one-year appointment, the doctor expressed some mild concern over the fact that you aren’t yet bringing yourself to sitting, nor are you pulling up on furniture yet. You try, but you just can’t seem to get your legs under you. She suggested that you be evaluated for gross motor skill delays through a county program. I’ll call and set up an appointment. I personally think you are just a little slower to milestones than some kids, but we’ll see what they say.

In about two weeks your nana is leaving Henderson to come stay with us while she looks for a house in our area. I’m so excited to have my mom close to us! You will be so lucky to spend time with both your nana and grandmother! I’m sure you and your brother will be spoiled rotten. Since she will be here so soon, we have decided to wait until October 1st to have your first birthday party. We want her to be here to celebrate with us and I don’t think you will notice if your party is delayed a couple weeks. I’m sure looking forward to celebrating this milestone!

It has been quite a year little one. The first few months were sure a difficult time for all of us, but you have just turned into the sweetest little thing. You are all smiles now. You still love to be held, but really, who doesn’t? I love you so much and I’m so happy to have you in our lives. I’m also really happy that you don’t cry so much.

All my love,
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