Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christian's Four Month Birthday

January 13, 2011

Happy four-month birthday!

Weight: 18lbs. Length: inches. That is x percentile for weight and x percentile for length. We go to the doctor on Friday so I’ll update then. You are wearing size three diapers and some 3 –6 month size clothing and some 6 – 9 month. I think we are about at the end of the 3 – 6 month clothes. I can’t believe you are growing so fast!

The word of the past month is BETTER! Everything is getting better. You are sleeping better, eating better (this means less frequently) and in general you are happier. While the past month hasn’t been without a good share of hard times, things are definitely looking up.

Since right before Christmas you have been sleeping through the night with just one wake up around 3am. We still have a hard time getting you to sleep at night, but waking just once sure is nice on ‘ol mom. I try to nurse you for the last evening feeding somewhere around 8pm. This generally takes about 40 minutes or so and then I try to put you down for the night. Most nights it seems you wake several times and there is walking, bouncing, or rocking involved. Last night you were up and down for almost an hour with a good bit of crying. Thank goodness for your dad! He is such a big help during this time of the evening. After he puts your brother to bed, he does things around the house and then he is always first up to take a turn when you need extra snuggling for bedtime.

Have I mentioned what an amazing dad you have? You and your brother are so very lucky. I can’t even imagine the ways my life would have been impacted if I had a father like yours. Your dad wrote you an amazing letter this year for Christmas. We’ll be sure to save all your letters for you to read when you are older.

Christmas was wonderful! Nana came to visit and even though she was sick, we all had a wonderful time. We made cookies and fudge and wrapped more presents than we could count. You received some lovely gifts! One of my favorites was the rocking horse from grandma. Other gifts included: little drum, CD player for your room, Star Wars/Winnie the Pooh pictures for your room, adorable clothes and your first little stuffed dog, courtesy of cousin Wil.

Perhaps it was the Christmas mojo or perhaps you are just growing out of some of the extreme colic that plagued us for those first three months. Right around your three-month birthday you started smiling and you haven’t stopped! I love to tickle your chin and watch your face light up. You have the sweetest little smile and giggle. Your brother loves to make you smile and can often be found giving you little belly pats and singing, “Brother, brother, brother” to you until you grace him with a smile.

In addition to smiles you are definitely having more happy times. You are enjoying time on your activity mat and you have just started swatting at toys on occasion. You love to kick your legs. We attached a new little wooden toy to the mat that Aunt Christy and Uncle Dennis sent you from Germany for Christmas – and you love to hear the little bell ring. You also like to spend a few minutes sitting in the high chair. You still flop over so we have to keep a close eye on you, but it is nice to wheel you around the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner, etc…

After the happy times come the sad times. The more I examine your moods throughout the day, the more I’m convinced that your sad times are simply tired times. As soon as you start being fussy we swaddle you up and start working toward a nap. During the day you will sometimes take a pacifier and that seems to help soothe you. You also seem to like your swing and can sometimes take a nap for 30 – 45 minutes. One day you slept two hours!

I just realized that I forgot to take your three month picture, sorry about that. There is a great picture of you in your bumbo seat that was taken just about on your three-month birthday so that will have to suffice. I’m excited to take your four-month picture tomorrow because I’m hoping I can actually catch you in a smile!

Well, I’m about to run out of power on my laptop so I better head off.

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