Monday, November 15, 2010

Christian Is Two Months Old

November 13, 2010

Dear Christian,

Happy Two Month birthday little one!

Weight: TBD Length TBD inches. Head circumference TBD inches. That is TBD percentile for height and weight and TBD percentile for head circumference. You are wearing size one diapers and 0 – 3 month size clothing. We go to the doctor on Wednesday this week so I’ll fill in the details about after the appointment.

Some sweet things to share with you: When I kiss the top of your head it feels like peach fuzz. Your nickname is Mo Mo. You have the most adorable little feet and hands. Your brother loves to give you hugs and kisses to the point where we sometimes have to swat him away from you. You also open your eyes now and I love to see your baby blues. I’m still hoping that perhaps your eyes will stay blue.

Right around your six week birthday we transitioned you to sleeping in your crib. You handled the move just fine. We don’t have much of a sleep schedule yet, but in general you go to sleep around 9 or 10pm. Most nights you wake twice – although we did have one night where you only woke up one time. That night was glorious! We have had some challenging nights where you have woken up almost every hour. Those nights are not glorious and I sure don’t feel glamorous the morning after.

Your favorite things to do are nurse and sleep. I have this little program on my iPhone that lets me keep track of how often you nurse and how much you sleep and how many dirty diapers you have each day. Typically, we spend between 5.5 – 7.5 hours nursing each day, and changing eight – ten diapers.

Speaking of diapers – boy did I have a crazy diaper experience the other day. I removed one diaper only to find I had gotten the clean diaper I had prepared dirty. So I place down a second clean diaper and as I’m wiping you more starts coming out. I quickly try to cover you with the diaper that second stand by diaper. That diaper is now dirty and as I’m removing it to place on another new one you go yet again! It was like four diapers in less than thirty seconds.

While your dad and I have certainly loved becoming parents for the second time, it has not been without its share of challenges. My dear Christian, you are not the happiest of babies. When we first brought you home you were so quiet. You literally slept all day and night except when we would wake you to eat, and it would often take 30 minutes or more to get you awake enough to eat. Now, I am pleased to say that you wake up all on your own when you are hungry. However, you also seem to cry for a good part of the day. While some babies have these active alert periods where they stare off and look at their surrounds, you simply cry. It is quite heartbreaking for all of us and many days I simply don’t know what to do for you. Thank goodness nursing seems to always calm you! You detest the car and begin a tortuous blood curdling scream as soon as we get the car seat out. You also dislike diaper changes, your swing and bouncy seat.

All that said, we have seen small improvements in the past week or so. I am hoping and praying and hoping and praying that this means that your disposition will improve as you get older. The past few days we have been granted a few minutes each morning (maybe 15 – 20) where you are alert and quiet. We have also had a handful of diaper changes and dinnertimes where you have been content. Let’s hope these times of contentment only increase as you get older.

Milestones this month include you lifting your head, looking around the room with your eyes, and moving your arms and legs.

My favorite moment this past month was about two weeks ago. You were nursing early in the morning just as the sun was rising. Your room is this beautiful blue color with yellow curtains. As we sat in the rocking chair the room just filled with light. It was the most peaceful, happy moment of the month.

This past month we had a good friend come to visit – Dallas Wisehaupt. He was just passing through town and needed a place to stay for one night. We were happy to have him stop in and meet you and your brother. He is the dad of twins, so he knows all about crying babies.

To celebrate Halloween we went to dad’s work for trick or treating. Your brother dressed up as a deep sea diver and you wore a little orange outfit. We received several little Baby’s First Halloween outfits so we figured that was better than trying to find a costume to wear for just one day.

Christian, I am anxiously looking forward to this next month of your life. I’m hoping and praying that your find more time in your day to be happy and content with our beautiful world. Perhaps you just came into this world a little sooner than we were all planning so it is taking you a few extra weeks to adjust? Perhaps this month you will grace us with a handsome smile?

I will be going back to work the end of November and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m scared. How I’m ever going to get everything accomplished at home and work seems to be an utter mystery to me right now. I’m saying lots of prayers for patience and energy to get through the long days and nights ahead.

With much love,

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