Wednesday, October 22, 2008

39 Months

October 21, 2008

Dear Mason II,

Happy 39-Month Birthday!

Thirty-nine month statistics: Weight: approximately 41 lbs. Length: 39 inches. Diaper Size: 6 Clothes: 4T

Fall is in the air! This morning was a chilly 30 degrees when we woke up. When we came home from day care this afternoon you proclaimed, “It is fall mama. The leaves are beautiful!” Then we proceeded to run around kicking up the fallen leaves in the front yard. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Since I last wrote, we have had some good times. In August, we went on not one, but two camping trips. Then, in September we took a wonderful vacation to Bethany Beach, DE. The first camping trip was a trip to Mathew’s Arm in Shenandoah National Forest. We weren’t exactly prepared for the 50-degree temperatures, so we had to make an emergency trip out of the forest to the nearest K-Mart to pick up sweatshirts. We had a great weekend: ate S'mores and made a three-mile hike to a small waterfall, and your dad and I were thrilled that you walked about 2/3 of the way on your own. We ended the weekend with a bear sighting. What fun!

Two weeks after the first trip, we packed up and headed to Pennsylvania. We spent the weekend at Camp Hebron and spent Saturday at Lake Tobias. Lake Tobias is the family owned wild animal park that we visited last August. Camp Hebron was great! The campground included a beautiful lake, and Saturday afternoon they opened the boathouse full of paddleboats and kayaks. No bears, but we still had another great weekend!

After two weeks at home, we took off for a week’s vacation at Bethany Beach. We figured that fun is always better with a friend so we asked your friend Sophie to come along for a few days. Sophie brought her mom and little brother, Grant with her for some beach fun. We stayed in a condo that was only steps from the ocean. What an amazing week! We had many days of sun and sand, and they were balanced at the end of the week with a few cooler days that we spent walking the boardwalks in Bethany and Rehoboth, and one fun morning at the Indian River Life Saving Station. We had such a wonderful time, I can barely write out all the fun things: playing on the playground by the Bethany boardwalk, eating ice cream after a delicious seafood dinner, digging deep holes in the sand, and just enjoying our time with each other. All in all – just a great week!

Your imagination continues to flourish. On walks you stop to pick up imaginary nails to add to your imaginary toolbox. When we are preparing to leave the house, you insist that we can’t leave until you click certain buttons, or you walk the house looking for your friend, Luke (Skywalker.) You have little Lego spaceships all over the house – ready to take off for a trip to the moon at a moments notice.

In September you started attending Classroom of Discovery on Friday mornings. Classroom of Discovery is a fun preschool with ten students that meets from 9am – 12pm in the nursery at our church. Your teacher’s Mrs. Gruehn and Miss DeLeo, work hard to make school fun. This week you played with play-dough, read books, played musical instruments, and came home with an apple and a pumpkin. Overall, you really love attending school.

We have had so much fun these past few months. In addition to the trips and school, we continue to have fun meeting with friends, going to the library, swinging at the playground, and some days we just play at home. You have recently been known to spend up to an hour buried in the basement playing Legos and fire trucks. I love to find you surrounded by toys and deep in your imaginary play land.

Your sleep of late has been changing again. Just a few weeks ago, you were rising at dawn, pre-dawn actually. 5am or sometimes 5:30am wasn’t too early for you. However, once the weather started changing, you began coming into our room (earlier and earlier) to continue your night’s sleep. Amazingly enough, you and we, actually all seem to get some sleep. You are so stealth like coming in at night, that we often don’t even notice you climbing into bed. We wake an hour or two later to find you snuggled in next to us. While we hate to start a bad habit, it is somewhat irresistible to wake up with you.

Well, that seems to be the news of the past three months. Lots of changes, but so many things are the same. If I haven’t said it before, you are a full-fledged little boy!

All my love,

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