Thursday, August 07, 2008

Holy Bat Lint!

When I pulled the lint screen out of the dryer tonight, I heard what I thought was a cricket in the lint trap. I looked down, and saw a dark blob. I thought it may have been some paper, or maybe that lost bluetooth headset, but it started to move. M2 was curious what the sound was, so he poked his head in the dryer to see. Ah, to have no fear of creepy crawly things in the dryer. I decided not to start the dryer.

Bat? Bird? I have no clue. on TwitPic Once M2 was happily playing in the tub, I headed back to the basement to take some pictures, and try to figure out what in the heck was down there. It surely wasn't a cricket. Bird? Bat? I decided to wait for Miriam to get home.

I talked to Father Rob, and he agreed that it was probably a bat. I was hoping he'd want to come over and rescue the poor critter, but he didn't seem interested. "Be sure to blog about it!" he said. Sure thing.

Once M2 was in bed, I headed down to the laundry room with what seemed like a reasonable plan. I taped a paper bag over the lint trap door, and used a skewer to pry open the door. I could hear the little guy clawing his way up, and eventually in the bag. I had no idea of what to do next, so I did the sensible thing and ran out of the room and closed the door.

Miriam and I could here him scratching in the paper bag ... and then we heard him flying around. Time to call animal control. While I was on the phone with Officer Franks, I open the back door to the laundry room ... only to watch the bat disappear into the rafters. I batted (ha!) at the rafters with a broom, but no luck. Officer Franks said she'd come out and see if she could find him.

We moved boxes and looked behind shelves without any luck. Finally, we could hear him behind some insulation. Office Franks reached in, felt around and pulled out the bat, wrapped in one of M2s hoody towels. Once she set him down outside and unwrapped him, the bat looked around, stretched his wings and flew off.

Quite an adventure for a Thursday night. I'm just glad I checked the lint trap before I started the dryer.
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