Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Striped Bass Fishing


Yesterday I went fishing with some guys from church. There was a lot to do at work, and even up to the last minute I considered pulling out of the trip but, to be honest, I could really use the day off.

We had a charter scheduled for 1:00 PM out of Solomons Island, Maryland. We got there early, so we had a nice lunch before heading out. We were warned not to go out on a boat on a full stomach ... but the crabcake sandwich sounded (and was) wonderful.

The season doesn't start for another week or so, so we had to trow back everything we caught.

As we headed out into the bay, I realized that the last fish I caught, back in junior high, was only a little bigger than the lure's we were set to use.

Between the six of us, we caught 13 fish or so ... easily two each. Paul caught three: the first was a bait fish (about eight inches long), the second broke away right as he was realing it in, and the third made it into the boat. John caught the biggest fish of the day ... 45 inches, 43 pounds.

I think some of us, myself included, had as much fun taking pictures as we did catching fish.

Captain Greg and Mate Andrew were great hosts. They have an obvious love for fishing, and a love for sharing it with others . I had a great time relaxing and reeling in some nice fish. I can't wait for the next trip .. hopefully we can actually bring some fish home.

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