Friday, January 25, 2008

30 Months

January 21, 2008

Dear Mason II,

Happy Thirtieth-Month Birthday!

Thirty-month statistics: Weight: approximately 37 lbs.. Length: 37 inches. Diaper Size: 6 Clothes: 3T – 4T depending on brand.

It seems like forever since I have written you a letter. After your second birthday, my goal is a letter every six months. Let’s see how I do.

The past three months you have changed so much, I barely know where to begin. Let’s start with sleep. When we left off in October, you had just started crawling out of your crib. We went through a few horrible days and nights trying to get you to nap in your toddler bed. Unfortunately, you just wouldn’t stay in bed. About two weeks later, after talking and debating and reading, we decided to turn the doorknob around on your room and lock you inside. Lucky dad was away two nights in a row and missed the commotion that ensued. The first night you screamed at your door for what seemed like hours, but in reality lasted about ten minutes. However, you are so verbal, it was absolute torture for me. I sat on the floor outside your door, and cried right along with you. In fact, I think I was still crying when you finally decided to get in your bed and go to sleep. Two nights later, you were a great sleeper again.

In November, you attended your first concert – Rocknoceros. You had a great time clapping and jumping to the music. Your friend Ryan and his mom, Leslie, also joined us.

We had a glorious Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Nana and Nanny came for Turkey Day. We had so much fun watching the parade. Your favorite part was the preview of the Broadway play, Young Frankenstein. Over and over you wanted to watch the monster break through the door! Our friends, Jimmy, Alex and Missy, were planning to join us until Missy got sick at the last minute. We still had a nice time, but missed their company.

In December, you had your first visit to the dentist. Ms. Gwen counted your teeth and put fluoride on them. You didn’t want to sit in the dentist seat by yourself, so you sat on my lap. Overall, better than I expected for the first visit.

Christmas was a whirlwind of parties, gifts, friends, and family. You received many exciting Christmas gifts like a rocket ship, huge fire truck, plus a smaller fire truck that goes with its very own firehouse.

After our Christmas morning gift opening, Aunt Betsy, Uncle Bill, Wil, and Nick came down to join us for Christmas dinner. You had such a fantastic time with all of them. Uncle Bill is always good for some tickles, Aunt Betsy is good for playing and reading books, and Wil and Nick are awesome for playing and tossing you around. It was such a great day!

Unfortunately, Grandma Kathie was very sick with shingles so we were only able to see her one-day when we first arrived. She was in a lot of pain, and it is pretty contagious so we felt it best if you weren’t exposed. Luckily, your dad was able to go over and spend some time with her.

We were also lucky enough to meet up with Uncle Dennis, Aunt Christy and your cousins for a few hours. We met up at the park, and everyone had a fabulous time playing, running, and swinging. It is so nice to be close and have them back in the US. Uncle Dennis left for his second tour in Iraq on January 9th. We are all hoping for his safe return.

You are finally starting to sing songs to us. The other day your dad mentioned that you were signing the ABC’s – not necessarily in the right order, but that will come soon enough. Just this afternoon you were signing a great combination of I’ve Been Working on the Railroad and Wheels on the Bus. You have also recently been requesting songs at bedtime. Right now the favorite seems to be Rudolph.

If just seems like you are growing right before our very eyes. You sit at the table for dinner, and refuse to wear a bib. You love to eat everything that we are eating: including shrimp, cauliflower, broccoli, black beans, corn, and cous cous. Like me, you seem to be developing a sweet tooth already. I have you convinced that prunes are candy, and you stand at the pantry asking sweetly, “Special prune goody, mama. Fason good boy.” You call yourself Fason instead of Mason for some reason. You can say Mason if I ask you to emphasize the “M”, but generally you fall to the F sound.

We are taking swim lessons again, and what a change! Last Spring you were so scared in the water. Not anymore! You can’t wait to get in and kick your legs and splash while we sing songs. You go under water with great coaxing, and are still trying to get comfortable on your back. After our lesson, you love to take a few turns down the water slide. It is always a nice way to end the week.

When we aren’t swimming, you have a cornucopia of toys that you enjoy playing with. Nana bought daddy a baseball glove for Christmas, and you love to grab your glove, bat and ball and practice swinging. You also love to recite portions of the book, “Stop That Ball.” In addition to baseball, you love to play with the new trains and guitar that Santa brought you for Christmas. The wooden fire station from Nanny and red rocket from Nana are also great fun. Finally, you love to sit on the floor and read books. Seems like this house is overflowing with books, but each one is special to you.

The latest addition to your fun is geocaching. Dad took you on your first treasure hunt a few weeks ago to find a cache in Claude Moore Park. While I was at a PEO meeting, you, dad and Miss B went on a treasure hunt. While you enjoyed looking in the box when you found it, you were not prepared to leave one of your little cars behind. Dad just signed the logbook and off you went. This was also your first chance to wear the awesome camel bag Nana gave you for Christmas. As you were exiting the park, you found a tractor show. What a great day!

Your dad and I are excited for this coming spring. I’m sure we will have so much fun playing baseball and going on outings.


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