Wednesday, October 24, 2007

27 Months

October 21, 2007

Happy 27th Month Birthday!

Twenty-seven month statistics: Weight: approximately 35 lbs. Height: 36.5 inches. Diaper Size: 6. Clothes: 3T/4T depending on the brand.

Well I missed writing a letter last month for your 26th month birthday. Time just got away from me, because I was buried in work for my grad class. I will try to get us up-to-date.

You are officially potty trained during the day. You still wear a diaper for nap and bedtime, but you often wake from nap time dry. You have an accident every once in awhile, maybe once a week, but you are really good at telling us when you have to go potty.

You are so verbal these days, speaking in sentences to us.
• Apples, please mama.
• Dada, carry foo foo please.
• I eat apples.
• I wear green pants, not those pants, mama.
• I wear different pants.
• I race Uncle Mark (your godfather)

You are becoming quite opinionated. When I offer you something you don’t want, you wave your little hands like crazy saying, “no, no, no, no.” You are fond of pushing things away from you, which isn’t a habit I am thrilled about so we are working on that. I am trying my best to teach you to say, “No thank you.” You have please down really well. We have also taught you to say, “Excuse me” when you have a burp. You always giggle when I say the word burp.

Just last week, all four of your two-year molars came in. We had a really rough couple of days. One morning you just cried and held on to me for the better part of an hour. I think the Motrin finally kicked in and then you were ready for your sippy cup of milk and oatmeal breakfast.

You love to eat oatmeal for breakfast and yogurt for lunch. You also like to share cold cereal with your dad. This month you have developed a fondness for drinking the milk from the bottom of the bowl. It is cute, but messy when the milk dribbles down your chin. You also enjoy Asian Pears lately and of course your applesauce with cinnamon. When your teeth were hurting one night, you ate three bowls of applesauce for dinner.

The weather has been unseasonably warm, reaching into the 80’s almost every single day this Fall. We have had a few fun days out and about. We went to Frying Pan Farm Park and visited the animals and farmers market there. We also went to the Dinosaur Park in Ashburn. The Dino Park has a fire engine that you can drive. I think you spent an hour just driving the engine.

Speaking of fire engines, your grandmother made you a fantastic fireman coat to wear for Halloween. Unfortunately, you refuse to wear it. Just one more thing you have a strong opinion about. You scream like crazy whenever we try to put it in you. I have no idea what we will do next week if you decide you still won’t wear it. Luckily, it is big so you should get plenty of wear out of it in the future when you realize just how cool it is. Grandma also made you a cool Spiderman shirt.

Lately you have been a bear at any store we try to go visit. Trying to get through the grocery store seems to take forever. You detest, I mean absolutely hate with a passion sitting in a grocery cart of any kind. For about two weeks, you would tolerate sitting in the race car cart at the grocery store, but you quickly gave that up. You insist on walking or running through the stores, which just isn’t possible on a busy day. You also like for us to carry you, but at 35+lbs, that doesn’t last long. Just this week, you have developed a fondness for a special cart at Target that has a kid seat built into the back of the cart. You call it the Rocket car. You were such a good boy at Target riding in the rocket seat, that I am not dreading our next visit.

A few weeks ago we went to IKEA and bought you a big boy bed. It is a toddler bed that extends to a twin size. Your dad put it together in the spare room and we brought you in one day after nap to look at it. Your response, “Where dragon?” At the store, we briefly entertained the idea of purchasing a quilt that had dragons on it, but when we couldn’t find the matching accessories, we chose another pattern. Somehow you must have remembered those dragons and were disappointed they weren’t at home. Since then, you have refused to even touch the big boy bed. Ug! What’s a mother to do?

Well, my sweet son, it has been another exciting and busy two months. I wonder what fun the fall will hold for us?

Love Always,

P.S. October 24, 2007 – Today at nap time you decided you would crawl out of your crib for the first time. Looks like an exciting new chapter in sleep is about to begin.
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