Sunday, August 26, 2007

25th Month Birthday

August 21, 2007

Happy 25th Month Birthday!

Twenty-five month statistics: Weight: approximately 35 lbs. Height: 36.5 inches. Diaper Size: 6. Clothes: 3T/4T depending on the brand.

What a busy month it has been! You are potty training. Three weeks ago, you walked into the bathroom and said, “I Pee.” We took off your diaper, say you on the toilet, and sure enough, you went pee. Since then, you have been wearing underwear during the day and going on the potty. You still wear a diaper for naps and bedtime, but you often wake from naptime dry. We still help you in sitting on the potty, but sometimes you use your stool all by yourself. We are simply amazed at this progress!

Sentences are another skill you are working on this month. “I like goats. I like bumpy bus. I drive garbage truck. I wait orange garbage truck. I like applesauce, please.” It is amazing to listen to your sentences grow.

Last week we drove to Pennsylvania for a few days. We visited Lake Tobias in Halifax, PA. It is a family owned wild animal park. You had so much fun. The park offers a safari tour on an old beat-up school bus. You didn’t much like it while we were there, but that is all you are talking about since we are home. “I like bumpy bus. I drive bumpy bus. I share crackers cow.” The safari tour featured many animals including elk, buffalo, llamas, and Texas longhorn cattle. Prior to the ride, they sold rye crackers. I asked if they were okay for you to eat, and the sales lady said, “Oh, they are safe, but no kid will eat these.” Sure enough, you loved them. We had to convince you to share with the animals. We also saw alligators, a bear and a tiger. They even had a petting zoo.

The next day we spent at Hershey Gardens. We got a late start because we actually got you to take a nap in the morning. You didn’t sleep well the entire time we were gone. Hershey Garden had a special children’s garden that we enjoyed. The butterfly house, little pig and boat were your favorite attractions.

The beginning of August, we were very happy to have Aunt Betsy, Uncle Bill and Cousins Wil and Nick for a short visit. We had a great time on a trip to the Hazy Air and Space Museum. Too bad you kept calling Uncle Bill, Howard all the time. We have it on video and it is quite funny. It was so nice to have them visit.

Since you have started potty training, I let you run around a few mornings with just a t-shirt on. This makes it much easier when potty time arrives. Somehow you have started to enjoy this time, and you now regularly ask us to take all of your clothes off so you can be – Nakie Baby. Of course, Nakie Baby has a special dance and it just cracks us up. We haven’t yet decided if we are creating some sort of future problem by allowing you to run around the house naked and dancing. In case you are wondering, yes we have video, and we won’t be afraid to use it when you are a teenager if needed. Consider yourself warned.

During the past few weeks, you have also started to jump and get both feet off the ground. I can’t wait to take you back to the pool so we can practice jumping in. When I was little, I have very fond memories of holding on to my mom’s back and she went swimming through and under the water. I can’t wait until you are old enough to try it.

Along with sentences and jumping, you continue to love time with your books! We are currently enjoying the following:
• Harry the Dirty Dog
• Anything by Richard Scarry
• Winnie the Pooh – the one about him getting stuck at Rabbit’s house
• Anything Clifford the Big Red Dog
• Be Gentle – featuring Bart the Bear and his little black kitty
• Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip – this book is way beyond your reading level, but you adore it.

Your dad and I are so pleased that you love reading. My mom tells me stories of how I would insist that she read the same book over and over again. I didn’t really believe her until now. Some nights, you will do just that. As much as it is frustrating, I love that you love to read. Reading has been a great joy for me all of my life. I hope that this love stays with you.

Happy 25th month birthday my little foo foo!

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