Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mason's 2nd Birthday and Special Party Guests

July 21, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Twenty-four month statistics: Weight: approximately TBD lbs. Height: 36 inches. Diaper Size: 6. Clothes: 3T/4T depending on the brand.

Wow! You are two years old already? This is just amazing to me. Seems like just moments ago you were the tiniest of little babies curled up in my arms sleeping. Now, you are a little boy that runs and jumps, laughs and giggles, blows kisses and asks for hugs. You are such a joy in our lives.

It is simply incredible the way your vocabulary has grown. Last month it was digger and hoop, and this month it is words like hungry and parties. You are even putting together short sentences like, “Parties, Fun!” You can say your numbers, and occasionally surprise us with unprompted announcements like, “Six, Seven, Eight, Nine” while we are walking up the stairs. You also love to talk about fire and garbage trucks, “fire, truck, hose, water, man, boots, coat, hat.”

You had the most incredible birthday party! Nanny and Nana were here to celebrate with us. We invited many friends and the local Cascades Fire Department even joined in the fun. The party began about 9am and the last guests didn’t leave until well after 2pm. We couldn’t have had a more beautiful day, with moderate temperatures and a beautiful sunny afternoon. You received many wonderful gifts including a Thomas the Train set and bat and ball from Nanny, a tricycle from Nana, bubble mower from the Chamblin’s, lots of books from many friends, your first backpack and tent from your Godparents, and Dad and I bought you a bead lacing set and a new construction loader.

Today is actually a few days after your second birthday and you have used the potty three times today. We went for an afternoon swim at the recreation center and you said potty a few times. Unfortunately, we didn’t believe you because you were telling the truth. Could this be the beginning of the end of diapers?

This past month has been a busy one. I finished my third of ten classes towards my masters degree. This particular class kept me very busy, so we spent a lot of time at the library, and managed to sneak in a few play dates. You loved the day that Amber, and her cousins, Travis and Claire, came over to play. Travis and Claire are almost four and you and Travis had such fun together. For days you wandered the house calling out, “Travis, Travis, Travis.”

We spent the fourth of July here at home. Jimmy, Alex and Missy Yarbrough came over for lunch and some fireworks. You seemed to enjoy the little snake fireworks the most. It was another beautiful day, although a bit warm, so we had a lovely lunch on the patio.

For awhile there it seemed as if you were moving past this biting stage that has been haunting us. Unfortunately, it is back. You have bitten another little girl at day care twice in the past two weeks. What are we supposed to do??? As if the biting isn’t bad enough, the other day in the car you said, “Bite, Claire, Yummy!” Good Lord!

Your schedule seems to have been the same for awhile now. Here is your average day, including some examples of food that you eat: 6am – 7am Wake up time. Cup of milk and breakfast (oatmeal, cereal, waffles, cottage cheese), Play Time, Lunch is at 11:30am (whole wheat pita with turkey and cheese or sunflower seed butter and jelly, and yogurt). Then nap time is about 1pm – 3pm. After nap time is another cup of milk and a small snack (fruit or cereal bits), then we eat dinner around 6pm. Bedtime is supposed to be 7:30pm, but that doesn’t always happen on time. You are still a great sleeper and unless you are scared, you easily sleep all night long.

Well my son, it has been another terrific year. I received an email detailing some of the differences that I can expect to see in you over the next year. It was hard not to get excited at the thought of you communicating in sentences, being fully potty trained, and having more advanced fine motor skills for play time. Sometimes the individual days seem to pass so slowly, but the years are flying by. Let’s slow down and enjoy each day of this next year together.

Love, love, love you,
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