Saturday, June 23, 2007

Twenty-Three Months

June 21, 2007

Happy Twenty-Three Month Birthday!

Twenty-three month statistics: Weight: approximately 34.5 lbs. Height: 35 inches. Diaper Size: 5 during the day and 6 at night. Clothes: 3T/4T depending on the brand.

Letters and numbers are fun this month. You love to repeat after us. You don’t seem to enjoy numbers in English much, but we still remember some French from high school, and you can repeat 1 – 15 in French. The number nine is by far your favorite. When we ask you how hold you are, or what how many of something we have, the sure answer is always, “Nine!”

We had a wonderful time in Blacksburg a few weeks ago. While I was in convention on Saturday, you and your dad went for a fun bike ride. Then dad thought he would take you to the mall, but you fell asleep in the car. Dad thought you would take another nap when you got back to the hotel, but no such luck. You did great in the car on the five-hour drive. We played with toys, sang songs and called out the names of passing animals. Some of your favorite songs include: Wheels on the Bus, If You Are Happy and You Know It, and Hokey Pokey.

Some of your favorites activities this month include the following: Hoop (your term for playing with your indoor basketball hoop), Flying (riding on our backs as we run through the house), Walks (around the neighborhood), and Swinging in the backyard on your swing set.

So many new and/or refined words this month. You still sign for please, but you also sign thank-you almost without being asked. Words include: dinner, fork, spoon, pool, hoop, beer (dad taught you this one), brownies (mom taught you this one), flower, and digger! Somehow you have developed a little drawl. It is hilarious to hear you say Baa and Cow with the added accent.

You continue to love books. You are very specific now about which book you want to read and when. Sometimes it is a book about bunnies, or perhaps the dog book, which is different from the puppy book. On a recent trip to the library we picked up a few books with diggers and other construction equipment, so they are often requested. You also enjoy the Mole Sisters. I think when I grow up I want to be a mole sister that enjoys a quite day doing nothing under a tree.

This past month continues to be challenging in the discipline area. We read a great little book called, “Teeth are not for biting.” I like to think on some level this has helped you not to bite so much. Unfortunately, hitting and kicking seem to have taken the place of biting. You find yourself visiting the naughty step on the stairs almost every day as punishment for hitting or kicking. We realize that this is a tough time because you aren’t yet old enough o articulate your words to tell us how you feel. I can’t wait for this rough stage to pass. I try to reassure myself that you won’t go to college flinging your little arms in the air saying, “Bite, Bite” every time you get upset.

Hard to believe that in just a month you will be two years old. Amazing how fast the time has flown. I love you so much.

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