Tuesday, May 15, 2007


First: The Wee Ride is pretty nice. Yes, my legs do rub on the outside a bit, but I hardly notice the extra ... 45 pounds or so. Mason II holds onto the handle bars and yells "GO GO GO" whenever I slow down. But its great that we can "talk" while riding around the neighborhood.

Second: Work is a whirlwind. Lots of architectural changes going on, and I'm lucky enough to be involved to some extent. Now I'm having a hard time with balancing "sys admin" work with all the planning, research and meetings.

Third: I have been teaching Bible Study to Junior High Schoolers for a few weeks now. The first week was horrible, but the past two weeks have been alright. The most difficult part has been adjusting my vocabulary. Me: "What are some of the traits you associate with marriage ... good or bad?" Them: "Huh?" At least I can kick their butts at hangman.

Forth: Dennis, Christy and the kids will finally be back in the states after six years (that long?) in Germany. They'll be flying into Las Vegas Sunday and staying for a few days before heading to Fort Irwin. Best of all, Miriam, Mason and I will be in Las Vegas for InterOp (well, I'm there for InterOp), so all the kids can finally meet!

Fifth: I'm trying very hard, but I fear not hard enough, not to annoy people with my anticipation for the iPhone. Man, I really hope the battery life doesn't suck.
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