Monday, May 28, 2007

22 Months

May 21, 2007

Happy Twenty-Two Month Birthday!

Twenty-two month statistics: Weight: approximately 33 – 34 lbs. Diaper Size: 5 during the day and 6 at night. Clothes: 3T/4T depending on the brand.

This month’s letter is a week late because we were in Las Vegas all last week. Your dad was attending a computer convention called, InterOp. We stayed with your nanny while dad attended meetings. He even had time to sneak in a trip to one of his favorite Nevada sights, Hoover Dam.

We had a great time on this relaxing trip - much calmer than our Christmas trips. We arrived on Saturday and hosted friends and family for a BBQ on Sunday. Monday was an extra special treat because you got to meet your cousins for the first time. Aunt Christy, Uncle Dennis and Danielle, Kaitlyn, Cameron and Aedan were en route from Germany to Ft. Irwin. They made a special stop in Vegas so we could all hang out. We spent the day lounging at the pool of Sunset Station, and then went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner. What a fun day!

Each day in Vegas the weather was so lovely. You played outside each morning while we all enjoyed our coffee. Your favorite games include riding in the little car, that Bonnie loans us each visit, and playing ball with your Nana. “High! High” you would say. She would kick the ball up on the roof of the patio in the backyard. It has just enough f a slope to send it back down. You would giggle with glee each time it came down in a different location.

A few weeks before our trip to Vegas, we spent the day at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. We met my friend, Dan, and his daughter, Abigail. It was a warm humid day, but we had great fun looking at the bonsai and marble columns.

Your vocabulary continues to expand daily! You can now repeat the ABC’s letter by letter after we say each one. You can also repeat after us 1 – 10 in French. You don’t much like for counting in English. Go figure. Tonight before bed you were looking at the box my new computer came in (that is another story). I asked you what each letter was. You got the “O – O – K” correct. Amazing! Random sample of new words include: puppy, boppy, mommy, daddy, beer (your word for berries). Seems like you are really discovering two syllable words.

We are still enjoying your weekly swim class at Claude Moore Recreation Center. We only have one week left and dad will come with us this week. You are able to go underwater and hold your breath. I am so proud of you! You still aren’t ready for the Vortex slide, but I am patiently waiting. You adore the kids slide, and I have taught you to raise your arms in the air and scream, “Weeeee!’ as you come barreling down. The other moms find this very amusing.

With the beautiful summer weather we have started riding bikes again. We bought a bike seat and helmet for you and we can barely keep you off the bike. As soon as you see it in the garage, “Bike, Bike, Bike. Go, Go, Go!” You also love to say, “Truck, Bus, Jeep, Digger, Tower (helicopter).”

This next weekend we are off again to Blacksburg, Virginia for your second PEO convention. I am the general chairperson for the 2008 convention so I need to see how it is done this year. Your dad is going to take the bike so you two can ride around town while I am in meetings. Unfortunately, a terrible tragedy occurred in Blacksburg just a few short weeks ago. While I am excited to go to convention, the events have dampened my spirits somewhat. I will spare you the details, but can’t help but wonder if you will someday Google to find out more information.

In the past month, your dad finished putting together your new swing set and spreading 9 cubic yards of mulch underneath it. You love to SWING! Some mornings you wake up saying, “Swing, Swing, Swing.” Only you struggle with the “s” so it sounds like, “Wing, Wing, Wing.” You are even learning to climb up the ladder on your own to get to the slide.

Once again I have managed to stay up past my bedtime. We have a fun day planned for tomorrow so I will get to bed. I am looking forward to a fantastic summer.

Love Always,

P.S. As I type, your dad is trying yet another contraption to keep the fridge locked so you can't open it and pilfer for cheese squares. :-)
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