Monday, April 23, 2007

21 Months

April 21, 2007

Dear Mason II,

Happy Twenty-one Month Birthday!

Twenty-one month statistics: Weight: approximately 35 lbs. 8oz. Diaper Size: 5 Clothes: 3T and some 4T. The shorts are so long, they look like capris.

This past month has been very trying for us. These past few weeks seem to mark your official turn into a toddler. You have had a difficult time expressing yourself and so tantrums and crying are often the norm in the afternoon. Although, I tend to think this may also be caused because we have been getting you to bed later than usual. Perhaps you are just overtired? In addition to the tantrums, you are also trying to learn to share. So far, this isn’t going very well. When you feel threatened by another child over a toy you resort to biting. Last week, you actually broke the skin on poor little Carter’s arm. No bleeding, but you sure gave us a good scare.

The biting incident was not the first time I was unsure of my parenting skills, but it was the first time I was embarrassed by your behavior. I realize you don’t have much control over your behavior at this point, so it just further solidifies how important my role as your mom will be over the rest of your lifetime. I pray that I have the courage and strength to teach you the proper way to behave, to teach you compassion and most of all, how to share!

Your vocabulary continues to grow and I suppose I will say that every month for the rest of your life. It is fascinating to read books with you now. In some stories, you know a word or sound on each page. For example, in Brown Bear, Brown Bear you know the following: bear (growl), bird (tweet), duck, dog, cat, fish, sheep (baa), and even teacher. Some other interesting words include: waffle, rain, truck, prayer and boom boom for thunder. You also like to say the words: Go (followed by mad running through the house), Whoa, Ow and Two.

A few weeks ago we celebrated Easter with my mom and Nanny. Our friends, Joanna, Steve, Carter, Hudson, Jimmy, Alex and Missy all came over for dinner. Your grandma Kathie, made you a handsome, white corduroy Easter suit and my mom bought you saddle shoes to wear with it. (I just want to go on record apologizing for the saddle shoes. She used to make me wear them as well.) You were so sweet. Unfortunately, it was about 35 degrees outside most of the day. After some practice you got the hang of picking up eggs. I filled the little plastic eggs with graham and chocolate flavored bunny crackers. Ever since, you sign bunny all the time as a cracker request.

In addition to the bunny crackers, you have a few other favorite things. Every night before bed you must have your blanket, dog (little yellow stuffed one) and your baby lamb, that you affectionately call Baby. You also love to listen to your music or song as you call it. Your hammer (mammer) seems to bring you delight as you run around the house with it, always trying to shove the entire thing into your mouth. Other favorite toys include all trains, balls, and cars.

This past weekend we bought you a swing set from Toys R Us. It has a big slide, a rock climbing wall, two swings, monkey bars, and a sand area. It was on sale for $600. Of course, we had to spend another $300 on mulch so if/when you fall, you have somewhere soft to land. Is it outrageous that we spent almost $1,000 on a swing set? I realize that we are very fortunate to have money for things like this. I hope you get many, many years of enjoyment from it. Now we just have to get it put together.

I apologize for the slightly odd 21-month picture. You were not cooperating at all with the envelope. I hate to even mention that I may have to forgo the envelope for a few months until you start cooperating again. In any case, I love how adorable you are as you get ready to climb in the tub for your evening bath.

My little one, I hope this next month is filled with new wonders and delights as you discover your swing set and the beautiful Spring weather that we have finally received. May this next month bring me patience to continue to teach you important lessons about sharing and may you bestow a goodnight kiss on your dad and me.

With love, love, love,
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