Thursday, March 22, 2007

20 Months

Dear Mason II,

Happy Twentieth-Month Birthday!

Twenty month statistics: Weight: approximately 31 lbs. 8oz. Length: No idea. If I am feeling brave, I may try to measure tomorrow. Diaper Size: 5 Clothes: 24 months/2T, although you are quickly growing out of them and into your 3T and sometime 4T summer clothes.

We are still anxiously awaiting the Spring weather that I talked about in last month’s letter. We have had a few nice days, like today up to 70 degrees, but unfortunately, we have had more than our share of very chilly days. We even had more snow on March 16th! Amazing and cold for this time of year.

The past two weeks or so, we have been sick and stuck inside the house. It all started about two and half weeks ago, when you started having diarrhea. Yuck! The diarrhea continued every single day for an entire week. One day during that time you also were throwing up. It was a messy, yucky week. You were finally well enough to head back to day care for one day. That afternoon when I picked you up, Margo warned me that you were coughing and the other kids had been sent home with fevers two days in a row. The very next day you had a fever, and we were at the doctor’s office. This time it was RSV. RSV is a common, but possibly very serious respiratory infection. You were already wheezing so we had to purchase a nebulizer machine and give you breathing treatments. What a chore. You hated that awful machine. It makes a loud noise and blows medicine into your face. I’m sure you can imagine just how fun this was. The treatments also sort of gave you a buzz so you weren’t sleeping well. It has been a long two weeks.

You were kind enough to share RSV with your good ‘ol mom and mine has turned into a sinus infection. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and got a prescription. Hopefully, another day or two and we will both be feeling 100% again. Since we have both been so sick, we haven’t been out and about much this past month.

Your vocabulary continues to grow! You are able to identify the letters P and I from your fridge magnets. You grab the letter I and say “I” and then point to your own eye. It is hilarious! Let’s see, other words include: orange, door, tree, bye, key for kiwi, bread, and cheese. I’m not sure if I mentioned baby before. You love to point out babies wherever we go!

You continue to love playing with the many balls around the house. You are learning to roll, kick, and throw. We can sit on the floor and roll the ball back and forth to each other. You laugh and giggle and aim for my head.

The new Claude Moore Recreation Center is opening the end of this month. We went over on Sunday for a tour and signed up for your first swim class. The rec center looks like so much fun! I’m sure you will enjoy the rock climbing wall and totally cool pool slide (The Vortex) when you are older.

Here is a brief overview of your daily schedule: 6:30 or 7am wake up time. We eat breakfast and then play. Some of your favorite breakfast items include: shredded wheat cereal, cottage cheese with berries, oatmeal, or spinach and eggs. After breakfast we play or go meet friends. You usually have a snack around 10 or so. Lunch is early around 11:15 or 11:30am. You just this week started eating a little baby pita with cheese and turkey deli meat. You really just like the cheese and bread! You also still eat yogurt for lunch almost every day. Your dad has been making yogurt and this week is his best batch yet. After lunch we play and then it is nap time. You sleep from 1pm – 3pm or so. After naptime, you have a snack (apples or clementines!) and a cup of milk. Then more playing until dad comes home and it is time for dinner. You and dad love to read books while I prepare dinner. After dinner, it is bath time and more books with dad. Then I come upstairs, you nurse and fall asleep by around 7:30pm. My goodness you do a lot of eating!

My mom and Nanny are coming for Easter and I am so excited to make you another Easter hat. I will have to go looking for supplies this weekend. We are also attending the Easter Egg hunt at church on the Saturday before Easter. What a wonderful time of year. When my mom and Nanny are here I hope we can go downtown for a visit to see the Cherry Blossoms. They should be in full bloom. The bulbs your dad planted last fall are also just starting to come up. Once the weather decides to warm up, they will be beautiful!

This past month hasn’t been the easiest on record, but I feel like it is a gateway to the wonderful things Spring has in store for us. Here’s to good health!

Love Always,


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  2. Is that the pool slide? Looks like fun!

    Wow, he;s almost TWO????? Crazy!!

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Miriam - I can't believe how big and grown up he is! We have to plan something soon! Jenn