Sunday, February 25, 2007

19 Months

February 21, 2007

Dear Mason II,

Happy Nineteen-Month Birthday!

Your weight and height are unknown at this time. We don’t go back to the doctor until you are two years old. You are still wearing size five diapers and clothes in size 24 months. The pants that we were rolling up at Christmas now fit well, and some are too short. You may be ready for size six diapers soon and we are buying spring and summer clothes in size 3T.

Your spoken and sign vocabulary continued to grow this past month. New spoken words include: moo, ow (ouch), na (milk), and shhhh. New signs include: horse, bunny, ouch, books, all done, kiss good-bye and waving good-bye (on a regular basis), orange, blanket, quiet, chapstick and hairbrush. I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of them now. I have a list going on my laptop, but it crashed again and is off in Cupertino being repaired.

Since you started signing book, it seems to be your favorite sign. When we go to get you from your crib in the morning, you are singing, “book, book.” You also say shi-shi while signing book. So that means you are looking for a fish book. We went shopping and bought you a wonderful book about Fish, by Lucy Cousins. You love it. You also have a big pop-up book of trains, planes, and cars. You ask for that one by name also. Books, books, books, you love to read your books!

You love to play in your room. You pull every single book off the shelf and sit and read. Your room recently got new curtains made by wonderful Grandma Kathie. She used the Winnie the Pooh sheers from your room in the old house, but made them thicker to block out the bright sun. You also love to turn on your CD player to listen to your music.

You are still the same danger mouse that I wrote about last month. In fact, two days ago you threw yourself off the couch and landed squarely on your back. It was not pleasant. I thought perhaps that you would have learned your lesson, but no such luck. The other night you were standing at the top of the bed and threw yourself back onto the bed. It was like one of those group trust exercises. When you landed on the bed you said, “Ow!” and signed Ouch.

This month we started going to Loudoun Gymnastics. A group of moms meet there on Monday mornings for open gym time. They have so many fun things to do. You love the bounce house and the super-long trampoline. The trampoline runs the entire length of the gym and you run back and forth, bouncing and giggling along the way.

Your schedule is still the same as last month. The only change is that you are getting ready to drop the morning nursing session. Some mornings you want to nurse and others you just prefer to have your cup of milk with breakfast. I think you will keep the bedtime nursing for awhile, and that is fine by me. It brings you comfort as you get ready for bed and also for those times when you hurt yourself by hurling your body off some random piece of furniture.

My dear son, we are both ready for the springtime weather to come so we can be back to playing outside. We have had more snow and ice that has kept us inside. Soon the sun will be shining and the temperature will rise above 32 degrees. I am so excited to think of the fun we will have in the coming months. In the meantime, snuggle up in your baby bag and get a goodnights sleep.

Love Always,
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