Sunday, November 19, 2006

First Trip to the ER

I knew it was only a matter of time before it was our turn for a trip to the ER. Growing up my best friend, Amy, was in the ER all the time - broken bones, sprained something or other. I, on the other hand, only went to the doctor on a rare occasion. My one trip to the ER was when I was in a car accident when I was four years old. I sort of figured I was destined to have a kid that was accident prone.

Yesterday afternoon, little Mason's eye looked a little swollen when he got up from his nap. He had a little discharge coming out so we grabbed our ancient copy of the Dr. Sears Baby Book and read up. Turns out that kids can have eye drainage for a variety of reasons including a stuffy nose which he has had for awhile now. So, we went ahead to the birthday party we were invited to as planned.

This morning when he woke up, his eye looked like he had gone 10 rounds with Rocky Balboa. It was all crusted over and it just looked bad. Mason called Dr. Fergusson and we expected her to say bring him in Monday. Instead, she said take him to the ER. I was in shock!

A few weeks ago, I heard that Loudoun Hospital added a ped ER unit and that brought me some comfort as we made our way the few miles up to the hospital. I had fears of them poking and proding him. I made sure to bring blanekt and bunny, but I think they were more for me than him.

Here is his eye this morning at breakfast.

My big boy waiting for the doctor to come in.

Now he is ready to leave. Where is that nurse with the prescription?

For an ER visit, it was very smooth. 45 minutes in and out. Everyone at the hospital was very nice to us. Turns out he has cellulitis and pink eye. We have two types of medicine and orders to see our regular pediatrician on Monday.

The only thing I couldn't help thinking "What happens to the people who don't have insurance and the $75 co-pay when their kids get sick?"

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  1. Anonymous11:04 PM

    We had our first such trip a couple months back, 5 stitches from a 'caboose accident' and the Kiddo ER was a real treat.

    Hope the boy bounces back quickly.