Monday, November 27, 2006

16 Months

November 21, 2006

Dear Mason II,

Happy Sixteen-Month Birthday!

Sixteen month statistics: Weight: approximately 28 lbs. 4oz. Length: 31.5 inches. Diaper Size: 5 Clothes: 24 months.

What an amazing month it has been! You have really started using your sings with us. This month you have started using the following signs: more, please, all done, train and your very favorite… airplane. You love to look up at the shy and make the airplane sign. At the same time you make a cute little vroom sound.

We celebrated your second Halloween a few weeks ago. Your grandmother made you an adorable scarecrow costume. It was a little on the small side, but it worked fine. We spent the evening sitting on the front porch handing out candy. You had such fun! We also took a walk through the neighborhood to look at decorations. A neighbor down the road decorates their yard with florescent painted animals and black lights. It is very cool.

One morning while I was out and about, you were hanging out with your dad on the front porch. He only took his eye off of you for a moment, but that was enough to send you tumbling down the cement steps head first. I didn’t get any pictures, but you had a good size, bloody scrape down the side of your face - Poor little guy. Just like with your other bumps and bruises, you healed quickly.

The past few weeks you haven’t seemed to be quite yourself. You were suffering from a persistent cold. It wouldn’t seem to get bad enough for medical intervention, but also wouldn’t go away. Saturday evening your eye started oozing some funky junk. I was afraid that it was pink eye, but your dad felt it was just the cold and so we went to Tyler’s birthday party. The next day your eye was huge and disgusting. We called the pediatrician and she suggested we take you to the ER.

The trip to the ER was surprisingly painless for all of us. 45 minutes later and we were in and out. The diagnosis was pink eye and cellulitis. We have two prescriptions for you that include oral antibiotics and some eye drops. The antibiotics are orange flavored and you love them. The eye drops are another story. We basically have to hold you down as you kick and scream. It is horrible! I feel bad, but it is the only way. By the time you are old enough to read this, thankfully, you won’t remember the torture.

The night before we went to the ER, we celebrated Tyler’s first birthday. Tyler is your friend from church. His birthday is November 18th and he had a fun Winnie the Pooh birthday party at his house in Leesburg. We left his present on the counter at home, so we dropped it off on Sunday on our way home from the ER. I called Tyler’s parents on the way home to let them know. We sure hope that Tyler doesn’t get pink eye also.

Since the cold came along, you haven’t seemed to be eating quite the same. A few months ago you would eat a spinach and egg omelet plus an entire kiwi for breakfast. Now, you sometimes only eat half of your omelet, and dramatically less at all of your meals. While you are eating less, you are eating a lot more on your own. We now serve your dinner on a little divided plate. We can give you your own spoon and you use it with some regularity. You still make quite a mess, but it is fun to watch. We try to work with you each night on using the spoon and trying to limit how much food your throw on the floor. It drives us crazy, but the dog is your very best friend!

In just a couple of days your nana and nanny will be here from Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Oh, what fun we will have.

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