Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I have been working for a great guy for the past few years. Luckily, he has started blogging. Its great to see him articulate his principles, far better than I ever could.

I recently transitioned from the "Portal Workgroup" to the "Platform and Publishing Systems" workgroup. Luckily, I still work for David. Unfortunately, I am going through my regular stress-out reaction to new projects. Why the panic?

I don't like not knowing what I'm doing: some of the problems and tasks are simple to solve, but I'm just plain unfamiliar with the technology involved: SANs, Veritas, and a bunch of old, propriety technology.

I have a new project, that is supposed to launch next week, that very will is going to have to slip, mostly because of the above issues.

I finally have some idea of where I want my career to go, and I thought that by changing groups, it could provide me greater opportunities to reach that goal. I'm afraid I may have been wrong.

Granted, it has only been three weeks since I started moving between groups, and I have one or two more weeks to go. And I haven't talked to my new manager about my goals (short or long term). Once I get this project launched, I should be able to breathe for five minutes and start to focus on my future.

I'm thankful Miriam puts up with the constant sighing, grumbling and moaning. I couldn't ask for a better chearleader.


  1. Hey, Mason ... thanks for linking to David's blog (didn't know he started one).

    "[...] old, propriety technology."

    If you're referring to the AOLserver platform ... we like to think of it as "mature." :-)

    It has its issues, sure, but that's mostly out of neglect than anything else. Hopefully with folks like you involved, it'll be slightly less neglected, and that can only make things better.

  2. Older, and more proprietary. I will say that I am giving it the benifit of the doubt for now. I'm sure I'll be neck deep in the "mature" paltform any day, as well.

  3. nitpicks:

    But the real reason I am commenting:
    Why do you think you were wrong about opportunities with switching groups? Sounds like you're already challenged and learning something new (and something old). (If you had open source and something from IBM, you'd have something borrowed and something blue, too.)

    You'll do great as you always have.

  4. James, I picked the nits :)