Thursday, October 26, 2006

15- Months

October 21, 2006

Dear Mason II,

Happy Fifteen-Month Birthday!

Fifteen month statistics: Weight: approximately 28 lbs. 4oz. Length: 31.5 inches. Diaper Size: 5 Clothes: 24 months, although they are very long still.

This past month has been full of changes. You have dropped almost all of your nursing sessions. You nurse in the morning for just a minute or two and then again at night. Occasionally, you will nurse for two minutes around 5pm. It is an emotional change for me, but one that I know you are ready for. It means that you are growing up and gaining more independence. I am so proud that we have made it this far. You still receive some frozen breastmilk during the day at day care, but that will soon be gone. You are now drinking cow and soy milk just fine.

You have started a new day care with a provider named, Margo. I am very sorry to say that your previous provider, Candice, suffered a brain aneurism and is in ICU at Georgetown Hospital. At this point we do not know if she will even survive as it has been touch and go for several days now. Your dad and I are so sad to know that Candice is so ill. Although she didn’t have the cleanest floor or the most nutritious food, she loved you without a doubt! The new day care is very nice and Margo seems to enjoy caring for you.

This past week, while working the night shift at 7-11, your grandfather, Bill, was robbed and shot. We were in quite a panic wondering if he would even survive. Apparently he has a guardian angle that was sitting with him that morning, because the bullet did not penetrate his brain and he was out of the hospital within a couple of hours. Truly a miracle!

You have found some words this month! In addition to Mama, you are also saying the following: No, Ba (Ball), Da (Duck and Dad). While you don’t have as many words as many other children your age, the doctor isn’t worried. I think you will soon catch up.

Your play is changing so much. You love to vroom little cars around on the floor. This month you got your first set of crayons and enjoy scribbling on paper. You also seem to enjoy nibbling on the crayons, which we try to discourage. You love to play with the plug in the bath tub. You take it in and out of the tub water during bath time, giggling with delight. LeapFrog makes a talking book that you enjoying reading, and you love all books. Sometimes you will go grab a book and crawl into our lap so we can read to you.

Mealtime is changing as well. You are making a great effort to feed yourself with your own spoon. We help you get food on the spoon and then you put it in your mouth. You also like to take food from your tray and put it in a bowl. You are quite the eater. Some mornings you will eat a one-egg spinach omelet with cheese and an entire kiwi. You still eat yogurt, avocado and wheat germ for lunch most days. Dinner is comprised of whatever we are eating.

Some other games you enjoy include your slide in the backyard. We have some great video of you climbing the little stairs and then going down all on your own. You have found a little space behind the back of the couch. Your dad calls it your cave and you love to crawl through from one side to the other. It is so cute to hear you pitter patter back there. When you get to the other side, you squeal with delight.

The end of September you suffered what I would call your first major accident. While your dad was taking quiche out of the oven, you set your hand on the inside of the oven door. It was 450 degrees and gave you second degree burns on your right hand. You had us pretty scared, as blisters developed over the joints of your tiny hand. The doctor gave us some cream to use and we had to keep it wrapped, which was quite a chore. It healed pretty quickly, thank goodness.

Your napping is also starting to change this month. I think you are starting to move to just one nap each day. Sometimes you still take two naps, but it depends on the day.

So many changes this month that all point in one direction… growing up. We are so happy to have a healthy growing boy. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I cherish that night-time nursing when you fall asleep in my arms, and I remember all the fond memories we have created together over the past fifteen months. The only thing better than thinking of the past is imaging what the future holds for our family.

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