Saturday, September 09, 2006

Toddler Tag

While we were on vacation, Karrie and Max tagged Mason II for a meme. After a week of catching up on things at work and around the house we've finally had time to respond

  • 3 Things That Scare Me

    1. Vacuum

    2. Ocean

    3. Being left alone

  • 3 People That Make Me Laugh

    1. All my buddies

    2. Nanna & Nanny

    3. Momma

  • 3 Things I Love

    1. Light Switches

    2. Miss B

    3. Watching everyone

  • 3 Things I Hate

    1. Naps

    2. Face Washing

    3. The Tub

  • 3 Things I Don't Understand

    1. Why I have to go to bed

    2. Why Mom and Dad go to work

    3. How to open a door

  • 3 Things On My Desk

    1. Drinking with a straw

    2. Trying cow and/or soy milk

    3. Deciding on my first word

  • 3 Things I'm Doing Right Now

    1. Resisting taking a nap

    2. Humming along with my music box

    3. Just resting my eyes, honest.

  • 3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
    Dad's note: what kind of question is this? Are you trying to make me cry?

    1. Meet my cousins

    2. Eat peanut butter

    3. Go to Disney World

  • 3 Things I Can Do

    1. Go up the stairs

    2. Snuggle anything fluffy (the dog, dad's head)

    3. Splash in the smallest ammount of water

  • 3 Things I Can't Do

    1. Go down stairs (safely)

    2. Give Mom a kiss

    3. Mow the lawn

  • 3 Things I Think You Should Listen To

    1. The choir at church

    2. Mom and Dad sing

    3. Other babies

  • 3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To

    1. Anyone who says its naptime

    2. Anyone who says its bathtime

    3. NPR on the way to daycare

  • 3 Absolute Favorite Foods

    1. Baby guachamole (whole milk yogurt and avacado)

    2. Fruit

    3. Whatever is on mom's or dad's plate

  • 3 Beverages I Drink Regularly

    1. Milk

    2. Water

    3. More Milk

  • 3 Shows I Watched as a Kid

    1. Dad and I would watch Battlestar Galactica on Saturday mornings. Okay, I'd take a nap on his chest while mom slept in a little bit. I don't have the patience for dad's space operas anymore.

    2. I sneak a peak of The Today Show nearly every morniing.

    3. Who has time for TV? There's a dog to chase and light switches to flip!

  • 3 Toddlers I Tag

    1. Rachel

    2. Who else hasd a blog? If you're under five, feel free to "tag yourself" in the comments

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  1. It'll be about a dozen years before Max'll be 'tagging himself,' I imagine.