Friday, August 04, 2006

What happened to my baby?

The past few nights Mason has been waking up in the middle of the night. I have read that this is a common occurrence when babies are preparing to tackle new milestones. He also seems to be working on yet another molar, poor baby. Last night he woke around 10pm. He doesn’t cry, but he rolls around and I can occasionally hear him turn on his music. I should pause here to say that we are so lucky to have a baby that can wake during the night and just put himself back to sleep. Anyway, this morning he slept in late until well after 7am, when he typically wakes up around 6am. This morning was normal. I put him down for his morning nap around 9am and he usually sleeps about an hour. This morning he slept until 11:15am. I swear when he woke up he was different.

First of all, he was in a great mood. The past few days he has been in a crummy mood, which I attributed to the teething. Around lunch-time we were standing in the kitchen and out of nowhere he took two unassisted steps toward me. His first steps! At lunch he ate his entire meal of yogurt, spinach, kiwi and avocado without so much as a fuss. In the evening while I was making dinner, his general good mood continued.

Around 7:00pm, Mason gave him his bath and got him ready for bed. By this time of night he is usually beyond tired. Tonight, as we settled in to bed for nursing he wasn’t interested. Instead, he rolled around on the bed laughing and giggling and reading his Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. He spent the better part of 15 minutes playing with the book. Then Mason brought him his little piano toy and for the first time he actually seemed to play the piano. Banging away on the little keys making sweet music.

After all the reading and the music, he started rolling around again. He grabbed his blanket and started rubbing his eyes. I signed “milk” at him and he crawled over and climbed onto the boppy pillow. Then he nursed peacefully to sleep.

What happened to my quiet, dependent newborn baby? Is it possible that after a one year and two weeks you turned into a toddler while I wasn’t looking?
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