Monday, August 21, 2006

13 Months

August 21, 2006

Dear Mason II,

Happy 13-month birthday!

Thirteenth month statistics: Weight: approximately 26 lbs. Your dad put you on our home scale the other day and it said 27 lbs. Of course, you were fully dressed and had a wet diaper on. 26 lbs is my guess for now. Length: 31 inches. Diaper Size: 5 Clothes: 18 months.

What a busy month we have had. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about you rolling all over the living room floor. Well this month you have gotten your little legs under you and started to walk. What a sight! On Friday, August 4th, we were standing in the kitchen while I was making lunch. Out of nowhere you took two unassisted steps toward me. I was shocked. I almost thought my mind was playing a trick on me. After those first steps I thought it would be days before I saw any more. No way! Once you figured it out, you have been off and running. Well, not quite running, but walking every single day. You are still faster crawling, but you make a conscious effort to walk. Just amazing!

With the new feat of walking, you have also started eating a lot more. The past week or so I have been amazed at how much you are eating. I probably should have written down an average day, but take my word for it. This past month you have started eating the following new foods: eggs including the whites, pork, steak, sun-dried tomatoes, flax seed, pea burgers, and this morning you had your very first sip of cow’s milk. About one sip is all you would take though. I put it in your sippy cup which you promptly threw on the ground and refused to touch it for the rest of the day. You much prefer to drink water. These summer days you drink at least two sippy cups of water each day. Pretty much whatever we are eating, we give you a little sample of.

With this new walking thing, you seem to be sleeping more. Usually your morning or afternoon nap will last a full two hours. You are also still sleeping until about 6:45 or 7:00am each morning. I figure your body needs the rest after running around all day on those cute little feet. Some of our friends are changing to just one nap a day. For the most part, two naps is still working for us. They have been a little later around 9:30am and 1:30 or even 2pm. With the change of the afternoon nap, your have dropped your 2pm nursing session. That brings us to four a day. This schedule works pretty well for us: 7am, 11am, 4pm and bedtime.

This past Wednesday you suffered your very first bloody nose. We were at playgroup at Heather and Sophie’s house when you took a nose dive onto the hardwood floor in the kitchen. You were a little startled and cried for only a moment, but appeared to be fine. A few moments later we were sitting outside playing when Joanna screams, “Oh my God! Mason is bleeding!” Sure enough, blood everywhere. Your poor little face was covered and your entire mouth was full. I was scared for a few minutes because I wasn’t sure where the blood was coming from. I tried my best to hold a wet washcloth on your nose while you squirmed around, upset with me for interrupting your play time. About 10 minutes later the blood was gone and you were back on the floor happily playing. Heather snapped a quick picture of you to show just how fine you were only moments later.

This Sunday we are leaving for our very first family vacation to the Outer Banks. We rented a beach condo for the week and your Nanny and Nana are flying in to join us. We are planning a fun week or sun and sand and games and such. I hope we have a wonderful time. Your Nanny is still a little upset about having missed your birthday party, so I hope this makes her feel better. It will be great to see her and my mom again.

Although I love living in Virginia, it is very hard on me to be so far away from family. You will never have the kind of childhood that I did; one that was filled with family birthday parties and visits to the art show and Easter dinners. I really miss being so close to everyone.

Yesterday, my cousin Howard called to tell us the wonderful news that they are expecting their second child. In the same conversation he also told me that they won’t be coming to Henderson for Christmas. I’m sure you won’t understand this until you are much older, but it really hurt my feelings. Howard is the closest thing I have to a brother and to have him think that coming home for Christmas is too much of a bother hurts me. I know that I shouldn’t take it personally because seeing our family isn’t the reason he is staying away, but it is very clear that we are not important enough to be a compelling reason to visit. Last year at Christmas, I wasn’t even permitted to hold your cousin, Mary Lynne, because I had a cold so that means she will be two and a half years old before I ever even have a chance to hold her. That is, of course, assuming they desire to come home next year for Christmas 2007. Okay, I didn’t mean to turn this into a pity party for me. In any case, I am very pleased that your Nanny and Nana will be coming out to share in our summertime beach adventure.

One more new thing that has happened this past month is snuggling. You have always been so antsy, but lately you seem to have found a little snuggle bug. You lay your little head down on the dog’s back to give her a little snuggle and will pick up your stuffed rabbit and give her a little hug. Your dad and I are anxiously awaiting our turn.

Next month when I write, perhaps I will have a story to tell of your first word? For now, we sort of think you say the word dog and occasionally you shout, “No!” when you are sitting on the floor next to the dog bowl. Of course, it doesn’t sound like a real No. It sounds more like a hard Do, like go. Maybe you think if you say no to yourself it will stop you from munching the dog food.

Good night my little dog food muncher!

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