Wednesday, June 21, 2006

11 Months

June 21, 2006

Dear Mason II,

Happy 11th Month Birthday!

Eleventh month statistics: Weight: 25 lbs. Length: ? inches. Diaper Size: 4-5 Clothes: 18 months.

This past month and particularly the past week have been so busy! We are moving into our new home in two days and hopefully selling our current home tomorrow. This morning your dad counted the boxes we have packed and placed on the back patio… the current count is 88. I would say we probably have about ten more to put our there once we pack up the remainder of the toys, dishes, and bathroom items. Thank good ness we hired movers to move the boxes and furniture.

We have had a very stressful week this past week because the people purchasing our current home have been threatening to back out. Apparently, they are having problems selling their home so they have been considering not moving. Hopefully, tomorrow afternoon their real estate agent is buying their home and then they will buy ours. It is a long drawn out story that I am just not up for retelling again. Hopefully, by the time you are old enough to read this letter it will be a long distant memory.

For you this has been another month of great movement! You are pulling yourself up on all pieces of furniture and cruising like crazy. You will crawl over to me and grab the bottom of my shorts and try to stand up. I think I need to start wearing a belt. You love to stand at your learning table and touch all the buttons. You also love to stand at the coffee table and grab anything within reach – remotes, Kleenex box, water, work papers…. Nothing is safe!

Your schedule is still very similar to last month. You wake in the morning around 6 or 6:30am and go to bed each evening around 7 or 7:30pm. You continue to be a great sleeper (knock on wood). You nurse about five times per day and generally take two naps. I never wanted to have you scheduled down to the minute, but I have found in general that at 9am and about 1pm you are ready for your naps. I have been reading the sleeping at consistent times is good for you.

You love your food! You are now eating chicken, black beans, cherries, whole wheat pasta, zuccini and your absolute favorite…. Dog chow. I’m sure this will be embarrassing for you to read some day, but I seriously can’t take my eyes off you for a second before you dive into the dog food. Miss B sits patiently by and watches you eat her food. You grab it by the handfuls and get so upset when we take you away. I tried putting the laundry basket upside down over the food to hide it. You were too smart for that. You realized very quickly how to lift it up and find the goodies! This morning you were even grabbing a handful and dunking it into the water bowl before tasting. You are quite the connoisseur.

Last month I mentioned that you were saying Da, da, da. You still ramble a lot but I don’t think you have any definite words yet. You totally understand the sign milk, and use that during most meal times. I read that it is common for babies to associate milk and food and drink all as one. You started clapping on Father’s Day which was a wonderful treat for us. I think maybe the clapping means more because you tend to do it a lot during mealtimes. I guess we will have to wait and see. Your friend, Carter, is an expert signer and is already doing nine signs on command.

Our neighbors, Gary and Judy invited us over for a swim a week or so ago. I wasn’t sure if you would like it or not since you weren’t so fond of the water this first time we went swimming. Luckily, you had a great time. We splashed and swam. You even hung out in your little baby swimmer contraption. You also enjoyed trying to bite on the pool noodles. I’m happy that you like the water since it is so warm and humid here. Perhaps, you will receive a little pool for your birthday next month.

Last weekend, we went to a first birthday party for Elijah, a little boy from church. What fun you had crawling around playing with the toys and big kids! Elijah has an older sister, Clara so their house is full of fun new toys. This weekend while we are unpacking your girlfriend, Heather, from church is coming over to play with you. Heather just graduated from high school and is preparing to go off to Christopher Newport college in August. She sings in the choir, and you love to listen to her beautiful voice. We bought a CD from her senior recital and you enjoying listening to it. She thinks you are just the cutest and that is saying a lot because she has three little brothers. Anyway, she is coming over to play with you on Saturday while we unpack boxes and get your room put back together. I’m sure you will have fun. I need to remember to give her the camera.

I finally started your baby scrapbook this past month. I completed eight pages when I went out to scrapbooking night. I hope you like it when you are older. It is very important to me that you understand just how amazing you are to us. We love to see you discovering the world around you. Enjoy the next month leading up to your first birthday. Will you be walking? Will you be talking? Technically when you turn one you are considered a toddler and not a baby anymore. I will thoroughly enjoy this twelfth month of your life and I hope you realize that whether you are one or thirty-one I will always think of you as my baby boy.

Love Always,

P.S. You also went on the potty this month! Woo Hoo!
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