Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Perfect 10 (months)

Tomorrow, our little guy will be ten months old. As the 21st approaches each month, I'm always amazed how much he's changed. Last month, it was watching him sit up on his own. Now, he's crawling all over the place. For the longest time he always had a smile for everyone, now he's a little more reserved. Last week was the first time he got upset about me dropping him off at day care ... it broke my heart to hear him crying as I left.

We're spending the weekend in Lynchburg, Virginia. Miriam is attending the State PEO Convention at Randolph-Macon Women's College. Today, Mason and I dropped Mom off at 10, and then we walked over to the Riverside Park. We tried the slide, but he didn't care for that much. So we walked to the top of a hill and looked out over the James River. I held Mason up so he could touch some leaves, and then we leaned against a tree so he could touch the bark. I pointed out an ant and a caterpillar, but I'm not sure he noticed them.

We met up with Mom for lunch, and then Mason took a nap in the car while I drove back to the hotel. The hotel has a nice indoor pool, so I took Mason down for a few minutes. He was very hesitant, and clung to me for deer life for the first few minutes. but he eventually would sit on the first step of the pool, and then stand on the next step. Then it was time to pick up Mom and go out for dinner.

We went to a very interesting restaurant ... the Depot Grill. It is actually the old railroad depot, and is right next to a very active railway. (We were greeted by a few dozen cars of coal heading north. While I applaud Lynchburg for trying to revitalize downtown and the river-front, I don't see it working out until they can find a solution for the railway. It's a shame the railway separates the old warehouses from the river.)
Mason and I found a new game today: I hold my hand out in front of him,he grabs my pinky and thumb and pulls my hand onto the top of his head, or onto his face (think Ash in Alien). I wiggle my fingers and he lets loose with the laughs.

I have also started calling him Danger Mouse. He has an uncanny knack of finding the most dangerous thing in a room. Power outlet? Ironing board? Bag of snakes? He'd probably give the bomb sniffing dogs at the airport a run for their money.

It was great spending the whole day with him, and not worrying about trying to run errands or finish chores. Just the two of us hanging out. Sometimes I feel like he's baby days are going by so fast, and I'm missing so much. But I cherish days like today.
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