Monday, March 20, 2006

Eight Month Birthday

March 20, 2006

Dear Mason II,

Happy eight-month birthday!

Eight month statistics: Weight: ? lbs. Length: ? inches. Diaper Size: 4 Clothes: 12 months. I have been buying your summer clothes and everything I am purchasing is size 18 months. You are growing so fast! Your next doctor’s appointment is April 24th so I will have better height and weight updates then.

Your average day is pretty much the same as last month with a few minor adjustments. Just this past week we have added lunch into your routine. On Monday we went to the park with Marsha and Rachel. Rachel was eating her lunch and you were eyeing her peas. Marsha gave me some of Rachel’s peas to let you try and sure enough you were starving! Sorry about that. Who knew you wanted lunch? Without jinxing myself, I can’t remember the last time you woke up and wanted to eat in the middle of the night. This morning you woke up around 5am, but your dad just got you, changed your diaper and then brought you into bed with us. The four of us, dog included slept peacefully until about 7am. This was the first time since Christmas that you slept with us. Since you are bigger now, I slept better because I wasn’t so afraid of rolling over on you.

In three weeks we are leaving for Las Vegas for Easter and Mollie’s wedding. Your Nanny, Nana and Grandma and Grandpa are so excited to see you! I am trying to find an Easter bonnet for you to wear on Easter Sunday. Don’t worry, nothing too girly just a cute hat that I can decorate with some plastic eggs and maybe a stuffed rabbit or something. Just for fun! I am really looking forward to going home. Nanny hasn’t been in the best of health lately and I am worried about her.

You are now eating quite the variety of foods. Here is a list: rice and oatmeal cereals, banana, avocado, green beans, sweet potato, squash, peaches, beets, and peas. So far banana and avocado seem to be the favorites. Lately I have been driving myself crazy reading about the pros and cons of cooking your food in the microwave. Is it okay or does it zap all of the nutrients out? Who the heck knows! I apologize in advance if they finally decide for sure that microwave cooking zaps all the nutrients and I am robbing you of previous vitamins. Until then, I think I am going to stick with the microwave.

Toys, toys, toys, you love to play with your toys. Oddly enough the first little goat/cow thing we bought to hang off your car seat is still one of your favorites. Your dad recently pulled it out again and used links to hang it in the back seat. You love that thing. The metal measuring cups also seem to be a favorite over the past few weeks. One of the really amazing things you can do now is if you drop a toy behind your head you still know it is there. You reach your little arms up to try and grab it. You are still a champ and passing toys back and forth from hand to hand and then putting them in your mouth. That is of course, because everything goes in your mouth these days. Last week I bought you a toy that consists of beads on a wire track. The beads are different shapes and colors. I always remember seeing them at doctor’s offices and thinking, “Who the heck plays with those? What’s the point?” Heh, you love it. You don’t have the dexterity to move the beads quite yet, but you take swings at it. I think you also like the feel of the different shapes.

The mom’s group/playdate that we go to every week is so much fun. I have lots of pictures of you with your friends: Tate, Ryan, Carter, Sophia, Anna, Rachel, Carly and Evalynn. We just finished our Sign, Say and Play (baby sign language) class this week. You had a blast and loved parachute time! I think you are starting to comprehend the signs for milk and fish. I always hand you a little toy fish to play with while I am changing your diaper. Now, I make the fish sign also. I suppose in a few more weeks we will find out just how this signing thing is going to work.

As of today, only Sophia is crawling in our little group. Ryan is thinking about it, but he may just go straight to walking. You on the other hand, seem perfectly content to roll wherever you want to go. Sometimes you will lie on the floor on your belly and swim. Your arms and legs are in the air waving madly, but you don’t quite realize that you need them to be in contact with the floor. I think I have said before I am fine waiting for you to crawl. We aren’t baby-proofed yet.

My dear son, I am so excited that you have been asleep now for one hour so I could get this letter completed. We love you.

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