Thursday, December 22, 2005

Five Month Birthday

December 21, 2005

Dear Mason II,

Happy Five Month Birthday!

Five month statistics: Weight: approximately 20 lbs. Length: Not sure but at last doctor visit on December 2nd you were 27 inches long. Diaper Size: 3 Clothes: 6 - 9 months. I am almost shocked that you are still in the same size clothes. It is so nice. In some outfits you wear a 12 month size, but only a few. All 6 – 9 month stuff still fits!

This past month you are so much more social. A little, happy, smiling, social butterfly. You love to flash your smile and flirt with everyone we meet. It is even becoming easier to catch your smiles on camera.

Just a week ago you rolled over for the first time from your belly to your back. In the past two days you have done it more frequently, and tonight you did it twice. I am so happy to see that you are growing and have met this milestone.

At our last doctor’s appointment we talked about you starting solid food. We have decided to wait until you are 6 months old, so help prevent any allergies from showing up. However, you are very interested in everything we are eating. I have even given you a few sips of water from my sports bottle top. I figure it is pretty similar to a sippy cup.

This week you took your first plane ride to Las Vegas. We are here staying with my mom until December 31st. What a good boy you were on the plane. You nursed on the take off and landing and we basically had no problems during the flight. I’m sad to report that we could not obtain a pair of wings for you because we were told that they no longer stock them. Despite the lack of wings, you were still very happy. I’m sure it helped that we had a smooth flight and it was in the morning, which is typically when you are the happiest.

And then, the happiness ended…….. Since we have been here, you have not been your usual self. The first night we were here was obviously hard with the three-hour time change. We were not prepared for just how bad it would be. You woke up every single hour from 7pm – 3am. At 3am, we finally gave you a shot of Tylenol and you fell asleep for three hours. The second night was only marginally better. Thankfully, after the second night we discovered what all the fuss was about. Not one, but TWO teeth are coming in. I am happy for you to reach another milestone and also scared to death that you are going to bite me. I also feel horrible that I didn’t realize it sooner, so that we could give you more relief. We have been keeping you on Tylenol since we discovered them and had a better night last night. Today, you got in a few good naps so I am keeping my fingers crossed that you sleep well.

My mom and Nanny have been thrilled to have you here in Las Vegas for a visit. My mother oooo’s and ahhhh’s over you every chance she gets. She even put out her morning cigarette when your dad brought you over yesterday morning. She loves to hold you, even though it makes her back hurt. She sits in the back seat of the car with you and sings silly songs and gives you little kisses.

I would like to go into more detail about your sleep habits, but this past week you really seemed to have changed things up on us. I called the pediatrician this morning and she said that this teething thing will really keep us on our toes with changes. We will try to just roll with the punches.

Woozle has been replaced as your favorite toy by a little stuffed brown bear that your dad bought you at IKEA. The little bear only cost $2, but you absolutely love it. You get a little death grip going on his little arm and try to chew on his ears. He is probably due for a bath here pretty soon from all the little spit ups.

This past month has been a little adjustment for mom since my regular New Moms Group has ended. Luckily, I created a Yahoo group and a small (and a dare say better) group of us meet on Wednesdays at the Ashburn library. We have only met a few times because of the holidays. You enjoy spending time in the smaller group and last week you tried to hold hands with Anna.

Speaking of holidays, I forgot to mention Thanksgiving. My mom came out for a visit and we had a great time. It was a small group this year as Jacob and Alana went to spend the holiday with Jacob’s family. Cameron only made one pie this year, pecan. Unfortunately, your dad doesn’t really love pecan pie and had been looking forward to pumpkin for some time. After Cameron arrived, your dad quickly put together a pumpkin pie. Luckily, we had the ingredients on hand.

Also this past month, your dad and I went to his holiday Christmas party at work and you stayed with Gary and Judy, our neighbors. They are such a sweet couple and they enjoyed having you. You seemed to have a good evening except you didn’t want to sleep in the pack and play at their house. You woke up about an hour after they put you down. You spent the rest of the evening zonked out on Gary’s belly. I think he probably has a good napping belly. Your dad and I enjoyed the evening out, but we missed you.

As an early Christmas gift, your Nana sent you a sled. We have had a few small snowstorms so we took you for a quick trip around the back yard. We had you all bundled up in your snowsuit so you were nice and warm. I think your dad had more fun than you did, but we got at least one smile out of you. I can’t wait until you are older and we can sled together down the big hill by our house.

I am really looking forward to your first Christmas. The pictures I took of you this morning are in an outfit that says, “Baby’s First Christmas”. It was adorable until you pooped all over it while we were in Target. C’est la vie!

Merry Christmas my dear little boy!


P.S. Random observations I forgot to mention: 1. Your eyes are a beautiful blue outside with a starburst of brown/copper on the inside. 2. Your toes seem much longer this week. I was trying to put little red, Santa booties on you today, but you kept curling up your toes so I couldn’t get them on. 3. Your hair is getting really long on the sides. I just can’t give you haircut yet, but Uncle Bill suggested that we tape fake sideburns on you and call you Elvis.

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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Cute, cute, cute, cute, CUTE! :D

    At first I thought: "How come her lawn is still green and they're not wearing warm clothes?" LOL

    Merry Christmas & Happy 5 months!