Sunday, November 20, 2005

Four Month Birthday!

Dear Mason II,

Happy Four-Month Birthday!

Four month statistics: Weight: 18 lbs. 11oz. Length: Not sure because we don’t go back to the doctor until December 2nd and you are simply too squirmy to measure. Diaper Size: 3 Clothes: 6 - 9 months. It is nice that you have maintained the same clothes and diaper size for the past month.

During the past month, you seem to have come alive and developed your own personality. You laugh and giggle constantly! I’m not sure if you are just a happy go lucky sort of boy or if you are laughing at my crazy antics. Your dad and I have always had this “thing” between us. We say that we can accomplish anything because we are “Team Turner.” Obviously, as soon as you were born you immediately became part of the team. Now I sing a little cheer to you, “Go, Team Turner! Go, Go Team Turner!” You just crack up whenever I do this. In addition to cheering I also do hand motions. I’m sure this will embarrass the heck out of you someday, but I will try to only do it in the privacy of our own home. You also love to laugh when your dad blows little raspberries in your ears.

Just this past weekend, your dad weaned you from being swaddled at night for bed. I was really worried about this milestone because you still startle very easily. On Friday night I went to scrapbook and your dad put you to bed, sans swaddle. You did great and slept all night until your usual 4:30am snack time. What a relief! In place of the swaddle you are now sleeping in your footed pajamas and then a sleep sack from Max.

You are still sleeping about the same. You fall asleep each evening between 8pm and 9pm. Then you sleep until anywhere from 3am – 5am. I say that, but last night you woke up at 2:30am. Hopefully, that isn’t a new trend. After your early morning snack, we go back to sleep until about 7am or 8am. On days that we are home, you are quite a good little napper: short but reliable. You run a pretty tight three hour schedule. You wake in the morning, have a little play time, then eat, then a little more play. When you have been awake for 1.5 – 2 hours, then I can lay you down in your crib with your pacifier and you take a little nap. You don’t do long 3 hour marathon naps like some other kids, but even a few 30 – 45 minute naps is good for me.

Last week we bought a new car seat for you. You are growing out of your baby car seat and the others are expensive so we are spreading out the cost. The new convertible car seat is in the Saturn and I have a heck of a time getting you in and out of it. Your dad and I had a review session yesterday so hopefully this week will be better. Over the past few weeks, you have even started to sleep in the car on occasion. We started using the pacifier at nap times and it has really helped you. Before you would cry in the car, when I think you were just tired. Now the pacifier helps to calm you down and you can rest a bit.

I forgot to mention what a talker you have turned into lately. Some parents use the CIO (cry it out) technique to get their kids to sleep. Well you seem to like TIO (talk it out). After your early morning snack around 4am, you will lie in your crib and talk to yourself for a while before going back to sleep. Sometimes you do the same thing at nap time. The past few days or so you will even nurse for a few minutes and then start yammering away. When your dad is sitting next to us on the couch, you will eat for a few minutes and then pull off and stretch your little neck out to look at him. You smile and start talking to him. It is so cute.

You haven’t started rolling over just yet, like some babies your age. I’m not worried in the least though. You get all the way over to your side and then just aren’t quite sure how to get the rest of the way. I assume it will be any day now that you topple over on to your stomach. Of course, you can hold your head up nice and strong, but I think you have been doing that for a while now.

In the past month we celebrated your first Halloween. Your grandmother made you a little tiger costume and you were a hit at the new moms group. I have tons of pictures of you, and I’m sure I will make a scrapbook page or two to show you off. You didn’t do much trick or treating because you were eating and sleeping during trick or treat hours. We did walk over to Mark and Judy’s for a short visit and they were very sweet and commented that you were adorable.

Speaking of the new moms group, you have officially out grown the group. It is for babies from 0 – 4 months. There is another group for older babies that meets on Thursdays, but I have to work on Thursdays. Even though I felt like I wasn’t getting tons out of the Wednesday group anymore, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t going to really miss that standing Wednesday date. I enjoyed getting out of the house and talking to other moms with babies your age. I also think it was good for you. I created a Yahoo group for all of us moms and we are going to try to get together a few times on Wednesday mornings at the library so I don’t get too lonely.

This week is going to be your first Thanksgiving. Your nana is coming to visit on Wednesday. She will be so thrilled to see how much you have grown. Nanny was supposed to come with her, but she fell and broke her wrist and hip a few weeks ago. Don’t worry though, you will see Nanny at Christmas. Even though you won’t remember this Christmas, we have been searching for just the right gifts for you. I have been cruising eBay to find two very important books. These were books that I read and loved as a child and I can’t wait for you to enjoy them.

Last weekend, you suffered from your first cold. We woke up on Saturday and you were all stuffed up and had a little cough. Talk about feeling helpless. We carted you off to the pediatrician, who quickly confirmed that it was just a cold. We went to Target and bought Vicks Baby Vapor Rub and a humidifier. Both of those seemed to help quickly and you were feeling better in a day or two. Of course, in usual style, I then got sick for several days. In fact, I still have some chest congestion. Luckily, that magical breast milk you drink is keeping you healthy.

As far as toys go, you are still enjoying Woozle. You also really like your play mat and will now hold and pull on the little chain links. Your dad has attached little links on your stroller also. It is so amazing to watch you learn how to use your fingers and hands. Speaking of fingers, you have started sucking on a finger or thumb every now and then. It is quite cute because you twist your arm almost backward to get your fingers in your mouth. It can’t be comfortable, but you don’t seem to mind. I will have to ask Dr. Fergusson about that when we go in for your next appointment.

Well, I think that is a synopsis of all the wonderful things you are doing or have done in the past month. We enjoy each and every day with you and love watching you discover the world around you.

Love forever and ever,

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  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Love the photo of you laying in the grass Mason! Happy 4 months.