Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Day on the Farm

Yesterday, M2 and I and our friends, Joanna and Carter, went for a drive in the country. We went to visit our new friends, Amy and Carly. Amy and her husband, Todd, live on a beautiful one hundred acre farm, out past Middleburg. This is the view from Amy's front door.

We picked the most beautiful fall day for our visit. It was almost 70 degrees outside and we enjoyed lunch on the side of the house. Here are pictures of Mason's new friends:

After lunch we tried to get the kids together for a picture on Amy's hammock. As you can see, Mason and Carter aren't really into it. Carly is trying to tell them that everything is fine. "Hey guys, I promise the hammock is cool. You just need to relax a little."

We had such a wonderful time. A beautiful day and good conversation with nice friends. Days like yesterday are why I love being at home with our little one.
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