Monday, October 24, 2005

Thoughts on Three Months

Maosn II, Ten Days Old
Our little boy turned three months old on Friday. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Last night I was looking at some early pictures of Mason II; I forgot how small he was when we brought him home. Sure, he was nine pounds, but they were nine lean pounds. Compare the photo at right (ten days old) to the other pictures on this page ... he was a scrawny little guy! But not now. Last week he weighed in at 17.5 pounds. Between his size and his hair, everyone thinks he's much older than he actually is.

Mason II has changed so much in this past month. He's smiling, giggling and playing with his toys. He still eats every two hours, and doesn't nap too much (much to the dismay of Miriam). While I know she loves all the minutes she gets with our little boy, I know she'd love to have a little extra time to get some work done, or (heaven forbid) relax a little.

It's great to watch Mason II play with his toys. We have a little mat with hanging toys, were he loves to pull on the plastic links, or stare at the mirror. We bought a little toy cow (or goat) for his car seat, and he'll bat at it or pull on its legs while we drive around. I think most of all he loves to stare at the fish in the toy aquarium on his bouncy seat.

Every morning, after he wakes up, I'll lay on my back, and put Mason II on my chest. He'll look around a little bit, look at me, and then break into the biggest smile. Some times he'll even giggle. I can't think of a better way to start the day.

At night, while we're trying to get him ready for bed, Mason II will laugh and giggle. He won't even have his last meal of the day, instead he'll stare at me or his mom, being generally silly.

When we're lucky, Mason II will take little naps in the car, or at the store (either in his car seat or in the Mai Tia). He's so sweet and peaceful when he sleeps.

I'm so lucky to have such a sweet little boy, and such a wonderful wife. I have always known that this is what I wanted, but I never imagined it would make me so happy; make me feel so complete.
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