Saturday, September 10, 2005

Our Little Boy is Growing!

I’m so sad and so happy all at the same time today. Today we had to switch M2 into size 2 diapers and size 3 – 6 month clothing. Our little boy is growing by leaps and bounds! At 13 pounds, 15 ounces he is going to be off the growth charts at his next appointment. Check out one of his first smiles and his first little giggle. He is so alert now and chats up a storm with me. No idea what he is saying quite yet, but I love it.

Speaking of, his two-month appointment is on September 22, 2005. I am very nervous about this appointment because he will be receiving something horrible like 5 vaccinations in a series of three shots. I already asked Mason to come with us. I’m sure it will be worse for me than M2, but the thought of him hurting just kills me. I am also worrying about the possible link of autism with immunizations. I spoke with the pediatrician about it twice now and she said that there is no definitive evidence that the two are related and the risk of not immunizing is a risk I’m not willing to take. Guess I just have to suck it up and take him next week. I wonder if I can have his lollipop when it is all over? Not like he wants it.

This past week I also went and paid a visit to our future day care provider, Candice. She runs an in home day care where she watches a 3 year old, a 2 year old, an 11 month old, another newborn and then our Mason. She also has a couple of random older kids that drop in after school for an hour or so on no regular schedule. Ug. Just getting out of the car was hard for me. I can’t believe I have to take him there and drop him off and leave for up to 8 or 10 hours! How am I ever going to do that? Although she was great with him while we were there, a million questions swirl through my mind. What happens when more than one child needs her attention? Who gets left to cry? She asked me if he is a good sleeper and if he insists of being held a lot. He’s a baby, of course he likes to be held! I did wear my Maya Wrap sling to show her how easy it was to carry him while still getting other things done. I am hoping that I can convince her to use it. I like the idea of him being in the sling much better than thinking of him being left to cry while she attends to the others.

This is horrible! I never thought I would be the kind of person who would even think of staying at home with her children. I always thought it wouldn’t be enough stimulation (and maybe it wouldn’t be), but right now I just can’t even fathom going back to work full time. Anyone with any advice out there?


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I really do feel for you. I went back to work when my kids were 5 weeks and 6 weeks old. You cry for the first day. But then reality set in. I'm the bread winner and I have to work. I had to work so my children could get toys and things they need. I also work so they can go to private schools and nice day cares. Believe will hurt..but you will want to succeed for your children.

  2. It was really hard for me the first day we dropped Rachel off at daycare. I was fighting back tears all day. The next day was a little easier when I saw how excited she was to see the teachers and kids (and to see the form filled out with all the things she did each day).

    Honestly, there are still some days I drop her off and still get choked up. Especially when she wakes up really happy and just wants to play, I think of taking the day off and just bringing her to the park.

    But here's the thing which keeps be bringing her back. Every day she does a LOT of activities (many things they don't even write on the sheet). She has learned so much more than we would be teaching her at home. And she interacts with so many kids she has really developed by leaps and bounds. Staying home with her she'd have me and whichever kid I can get that day. It’s nothing like daycare, where she has 6 other kids her age to play with. When I pick her up in the middle of the day and see her playing with them (and not wanting to leave) I'm reminded how good daycare is for her, and how my staying home could never compare.

    Hope that helps a little.