Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More pictures

We have more pictures of Mason II online. There is also a short QuickTime movie.

Mason II is doing well. He was a little dehydrated on day two, so we supplemented the breast milk with a little formula. He has been well hydrated the past few days, so I don't think he'll be getting any more formula tomorrow.

Miriam and Mason II came home Sunday, and we've taking it pretty easy. We bought some prepared meals from one of Miriam's students, and the our neighbor brought us a wonderful chicken and asparagus dish. I've been keeping the house relatively clean, and have been changing quite a few diapers.

It's so weird to actually see this little guy. He's so cute, and sweet. I feel both woefully inadequate, and strangely unworried. I have no idea of what he will do next, or what we are really in for. But I also know that Miriam and I are such a great team, and that we love each other -- and our son -- so much, that I know we can get through anything.

Sappy? Sure. But I don't know how else to explain how much I love, trust, depend on and respect my wife.


  1. Soooo cute ! He seems very alert too, watch out ! :)

    How cool that they let you watch & take pics of the csection. They made James sit by my head and not look, but we kept the video cam on and pointed at the floor to get his first cries on tape.

    Congrats again !

  2. It was similar for us. I had to sit by Miriam's head for most of it, then they told me when I could look. That was when they cut the cord. The hospital made us sign a waiver that we wouldn't take any video, only still pictures.