Thursday, July 28, 2005

7 days old

July 28, 2005 ~ 6 days old 8lbs. 6oz

Mason II slept fairly well last night. As well as can be expected for someone who is seven days old. He had two periods of rest that lasted between 2 and 3 hours. It was a nice and much needed rest for Mason and I. Mason went back to work today which was hard. I miss having him at home to care for us. My mom and Nanny are here and we had a good day. It just wasn’t the same as having Mason at home.

We took Mason II to the doctor this morning to have the eye discharge checked out. Dr. Fergusson said it is a blocked tear duct that is very common in newborns. She said to keep it clean, rub his temple gently and to apply a prescription medicine three times a day. We applied the first dose of medication after Mason got home from work and he handled it surprisingly well. Not sure how thrilled I would be to have gel put in my eyes.

We also purchased a co-sleeper today at Target. Leaning over to retrieve our baby from the bassinette in the middle of the night really hurts my incision. I am somewhat afraid that we will never have our bed back to ourselves, but at this point I don’t mind. I really feel that it will be best for all of us. I like the fact that he doesn’t have to scream at night when he wakes up because he is close to us.

I am planning to call my doctor tomorrow to see if I can get in for an appointment. I think my incision may be draining a little bit and the pain and bruising seem to be increasing. We will see how it goes. Today I wore my post-partum support belt (very sexy) and that also seemed to help a bit.

Well, it is time to wake him up to nurse again. We are trying to keep him on a two hour schedule during the day. This helps him to then go three – four hours at night, which allows us to get just a little sleep. My milk has come in full force and he is gaining weight on schedule. We are back tot he doctor next week for his two week check up and first immunizations and it will be interesting to see what his weight is.

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