Friday, June 03, 2005

32 Week Appointment and Other Updates

32 weeks 2 days, 54 days until baby is here!

I am just home from my 32 week appointment. Our baby boy is still sitting breech, but doctor said not to worry until 37 weeks. That is a big sigh of relief. I have spent several sessions practically standing on my head trying to convince him to turn around. There is so much on the internet about home remedies for encouraging him into the right position. Keep your fingers crossed for me that he turns on his own. If he doesn’t there is a fairly painful procedure called a version that they can perform. It includes trying to turn him from the outside. The doctor said I would experience mild discomfort, but from what I have read on message boards, mild discomfort doesn’t’ accurately describe it. Of course, the alternative is to have a c-section because he is breech so I guess the version would be worth a try if it comes to that.

Other news includes that I only gained four pounds since my last appointment one month ago, my blood pressure is still great (110/80), and no sugar in my urine. As expected, he said there isn’t much they can do for my carpal tunnel which seems to be getting worse by the day. He did suggest taking 100mg of B6 every day. I stopped by Target on the way home to pick some up, but they were out. How does that happen??? Target is supposed to have everything. Isn’t there some unwritten rule about that?

Let’s see other than that things are pretty much the same. The kitchen is finally coming to a close. We are so happy with the way it has turned out. I took some more pictures and if I can figure it out I will post them. Unfortunately, I am also sick again with a cold. I stayed home from work yesterday and today. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. All the normal cold symptoms: running nose, sore throat and a cough. By the way, it is not kind to give a woman in her 32nd week of pregnancy a cough. Anyone who has ever been pregnant understands the cruelty of a cough.

Our childbirth classes start next week so I will try and update more after that.
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