Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back online

Bernard, the iMac, has been out of commission for the past few weeks. It wouldn't boot, reporting an odd firmware problem. I really didn't have time to work on it, with the kitchen and my "real job" taking most of my time.

As I sit here, it appears to be working. I suspect it may be something with the iPod dock. The iPod will occasionally unmount itself from the iMac. Right now, I have the iPod connected without the dock .. we'll see what happens over the next few days.

The kitchen is almost done. We just have to touch up some paint, install the toe kicks on the island, and the T-molding in the thresholds. We have so much wire shelving in the laundry room, you'd think we were going to open a Kwikee Mart. The microwave should be here on Friday, and I am in the process of finding an electrician. It turns out the outlet for the micrtowave is on the same circuit as all of the lights.

Work is running me ragged. I hope to have everything settled down before the end of July so I can spend time with Miriam and the baby without worrying about the pager going off.
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