Sunday, March 27, 2005

Rodent-free compost?

Late last summer, I was tired throwing away all of our grass clippings, so I built a compost bin. It's huge, with two 4x4x4 cubes. It was working fine, until January, when we noticed that Bianca hadn't eaten any of her Dog Chow for a few days. The next time I went out back, I found that the dog had ripped through the back of the bin so she could snack on the veggie scraps from the kitchen.

I replaced the light weight plastic fencing with some heavy duty plastic lattice work. This has kept the dog out, but now I have a bigger problem: mice (or some other rodent) are digging under the bin, and rooting around. They end up pulling all those rotting veggie scraps into the yard, where Bianca gets a hold of them. I'm not sure if Bianca is in cahoots with the mice, or if the mice are trying to kill our dog via food poisoning.
Anyone know how I can keep the mice away? Maybe some natural mineral or something I can add to the compost that will repel the mice? I don't want to use poison, as I'm sure the dog will get into it sooner or later.
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