Friday, March 04, 2005


I'm freaking exhausted. Tuesday night I styaed up until 3:00 AM, working on a architecture plan for a new project at work. In 12 hours, I was only able to cobble together a weak outline. And, all weel I've been paying the price for staying up so late. Wednesday and Thursday I was I zombie, and today I didn't get to work until about 1:00 PM, after spending the morning running errands with Miriam. I guess I can't pull the all nighters like I could in the past.

And yet, here I sit at 11:00, screwing around on the computer. This week I switched from Safari to Firefox. I probably would have done this sooner, but it was only this week that I found the Bookmarks Synchronizerextension. Now I can still keep my bookmarks synchronized between work, home and the laptop. I also installed Sage, a great little RSS reader. The only thing missing from Sage is that it doesn't automatically check the status of the feeds.
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