Saturday, February 05, 2005

Pregnant and Sick

For the past three days I have been one with the couch due to what is now determined to be a sinus infection. Wednesday night it started with my nose running and then a horrible night of not sleeping. The congestion and lack of sleep are driving me crazy. Being pregnant has restricted me to Tylenol and Sudafed, both of which are completely useless against this infection. Mason and I spent two hours sitting in the doctor's office this morning waiting to be seen. I am now on Amoxicillin and robitussein which are hopefully going to help me feel better. I am nervous about the amoxicillin, but the doctor assures me that it won't harm the baby. Just in case you are wondering, being pregnant and sick at the same time is not a good time.

I had my regular doctors appointment this week on Tuesday and was told that all is well. I heard the baby's heartbeat again and then I made an appointment for a sonogram. Friday, February 25th, we will hopefully, be able to determine the gender of our little one. How exciting! So far, we haven't bought anything for baby yet. I'm thinking that after we know the gender, the shopping will really begin. My mom and Nanny are also coming for a visit in the March so I assume we will buy things then also.

If anyone has any pregnancy cold remedies, please feel free to share.
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