Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ok Ladies, Time to Get Out the Vote!

Do you think you've accomplished a lot?

We've done little compared to Susan. I'm overwhelmed by how much I owe her.

Susan spent fifty years of her life fighting for my right to vote. She died having never voted.

In the mid-1800's she asked other women to join her crusade.

These women could not own or inherit property, could not keep money they earned, did not go out unless accompanied by a man, did not have a legal right to their children, could not divorce, and could not vote.

Yet, they left their homes and children to go rallies and conventions to talk about what was possible. I wonder how many of them had to ask their husband's permission. I wonder how many husbands said "no" but the women went instead.

These women left their homes knowing they might have nowhere to go back to. They owned nothing and had no possibility of ever doing so. These women are my heroes.

Susan fought for me for fifty years. She never married and never had children because it would deter her from fighting for me. In doing nothing for herself, she did everything for me.

I don't think Susan B. Anthony would want us to thank her. Every time we use the rights she earned for us, we honor Susan.

Do you think you won't have the time to vote next Tuesday? Take the time for Susan; she gave us fifty years of her time.
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