Sunday, October 26, 2003


I read an article the other day about raisins being bad for your teeth due to two factors: 1. concentrated sweetness 2. most people's lack of regular brushing to remove the concentrated sweetness and stickiness from one's teeth. I think I'm paranoid now. I just ate Raisin Bran for breakfast and find myself not able to check e-mail until after I have brushed properly.

Speaking of teeth, the movement of mine seem to be coming along fairly quickly. Everytime I see the dentist he says the same thing though, "Coming along nicely, very nicely. Can't you feel the difference in your bite?" I always say yes, but really it is all the same to me. I do enjoy running my tongue over the back of my bottom teeth and feeling them all smooth. Gone is the rough and jaggedness (is that a word?).

Mason in out of town this week for a Sys. Admin. conference in beautiful San Diego. I'm jealous that I couldn't go with him. A few guys that he works with also went so they should have a good time hanging out, meeting some new people and hopefully learning a few new things.

Miss B and I are holding down the fort. Yesterday was freezing cold (37 degrees) and I just couldn't stand to go outside long enough to take her for a walk. This morning is gorgeous (about 58 degrees) we will be taking off shortly. Yesterday I also did some shopping. Some new clothes and a few other things. I was planning on writing about it, but I want it to be a surprise when Mason gets home. Although he rarely reads this, my luck he will skim through it one night this week before coming home.

For anyone who is interested, my wonderful, charitable organization, PEO, is selling fresh Minnesota Christmas wreaths this year. For $20 I can delivery one to your house (in our area), or if you would like to ship one to someone you love around the country, the cost is $25 and includes shipping and a 5-minute phone card. Pretty cool.

Well, that is about it for now. I'm off to walk the dog on this beautiful Fall morning.
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