Sunday, July 06, 2003

Independence Day

Thursday, Miriam, Bianca and I drove from Sterling to Cambridge, Mass. to spend the Fourth of July with James, Karrie and Bub. We had a great time, even though it was obnoxiously hot.

We left at 8:30, little later than we had planned. But the driving was prety easy, until we hit New York City. We knew it would be bad, and we had made plans for a few alternative routes, but when it came right down to it, we felt safer following the directions provided by Mapquest and our Garmin GPS. We got to NYC around 1:00 PM, and crept across the George Washington bridge ... and the Bronx ... and Yonkers. I thought it would let up as we got further away from the city, but it actually got worse and we mosied through Connetticut. Around 5:00, after only going maybe 80 miles, the traffic cleared again, and we made up for a little lost time, but we still didn't arrive in Cambridge until about 7:30. By the sheer force of technology, I was able to navigate Cambridge, arriving at James' house without one wrong turn.

Along the way Miriam and I played a fun little card game called "Are We There Yet?" Each card lists something for you to look for: a black, two-door vehicle, a pile of rocks, a non-governmental or territorial flag. Soemtimes, the biggest challenge was figuring out what the cards were saying. It took us about five minutes before we decided a "tandem transport" was a semi with two trailers.

Binaca is a geat car trip dog. She slpt most the way, and took advantage of every potty break without any begging on our part. As usual, she greated every stranger she could with a wagging tail and her "please pet me" eyes.

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