Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Some thoughts on the new job:
*Casual Friday- not even sure what that is. Whatever it is, I think I will enjoy the break from the suits
*My own cube- while this may not seem like a huge deal to most people, I had the displeasure of being at a job in San Jose for several months without ever having a desk to call my own. Actually, I never had a desk of my very own, but after about 6 months I think I had a drawer to put my purse in. So, I'm happy about the desk situation. The drawer situation (or lack there of) is another story.
*Clocking in and out- yep, you heard me. I am a salaried manager that is required to clock in and out everyday. I don't like this at all and don't feel trusted. I will tackle this battle in good time.
*I work with nice people. Enough said. I never have to work with Princess Johanna (my last office-mate) ever again!
*Shorter commute. I save almost 30 minutes each way. I also save .75 a day on the toll road!
*No NIGHTS! Yeah! I usually get off at 6pm, but once every 5 weeks I have to work until 6:30pm. I can handle that.
*I really dislike the pens here. They are cheap and don't have that smooth flow. Not to worry, a quick trip to Target should make this all better.
*No weekends! Well, I have office coverage one Saturday every 5 weeks, but that is so much better than the last place! Yippee!
*Challenging work. I really like the sound of that. I like the fact that I am somewhat intimidated by the new position and feel like I will really have to bust my butt. However, as my position has been vacant for a few months, there is huge potential for me to produce outstanding results. Wish me luck!

Ok, that is about it for now. More to follow.
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